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Regroup Mass Notification delivers a variety of benefits across a wide range of organizations, industries and communities.

Here, you’ll find product guides, tips, resources and in-depth information on how mass notification can improve safety, business continuity, overall communication efforts and more.

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Alert Manager

Regroup AlertManager Mobile App

The AlertManager Mobile App for iOS and Android enables mobile users to quickly issue critical alerts from their smartphones. Learn more with our guide.


Avoiding Message Fatigue

You want everyone to read your messages fast in case of an emergency, but do your recipients always read your notifications?
Hurricane Prep Guide

Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Learn about hurricane risks and how to prepare in advance to protect your organization against the destructive impact of a disaster.

Regroup’s Wildfire Prep Guide

Learn about wildfire risks and how to prepare in advance to protect your organization against the destructive impact of a disaster.

regroup for hospitals

Regroup for Hospitals

See how Regroup can improve clinical workflow and improve patient safety through mass communication.


Regroup for Construction

See how Regroup can improve workflow and strengthen jobsite safety with critical and non-critical alert technology.

API Guide

Regroup API Integration Guide

Learn how to get the most out of Regroup by adding an API integration that links your most-used systems to our powerful mass notification platform.

puh notifications, sms, regroup mass notification

Push Notifications vs SMS and Text

Download our infographic to learn the differences and see ow Regroup’s push notification technology can complement your communications.


Regroup for Property Management

Learn how Regroup Mass Notification can help you quickly respond to critical situations, improve communications and maintain business continuity.

Regroup for Insurance

Regroup for Insurance

Learn how Regroup Mass Notification can help you alert policy holders of severe weather, reduce risks and maintain continuity and workflow throughout your organization


Regroup for Utilities

Learn how Regroup Mass Notification can help you reduce response times during outages, reduce costs and keep your mobile team safe.

regroup houses-of-worship

Regroup for Houses of Worship

Learn how Regroup Mass Notification can help you improve communications, safety and security in your house of worship with our free guide.


Regroup for Casinos

Learn how Regroup Mass Notification can help you reduce fraud and improve the guest experience with a robust, but easy-to-use notification platform.


Regroup for Logistics

Learn how Regroup can help you maintain business continuity, manage loads, send delivery notifications, automate weather alerts for carriers and more.

Resource-center-EFFECTIVE communication HEALTH CARE

Regroup for Health Care

Learn how Regroup can help your hospital, long-term care or clinical facility manage patient care, respond to critical events and maintain continuity.

Resource center goverment handout

Regroup for Government Agencies

Government agencies can work more efficiently to keep communities safe and informed with mass notification solutions from Regroup.

Regroup SARS API Integration

Regroup enables clients of SARS who are looking to replace the end of life-cycle SARS CALL System with our API and script developed via our partnership.


Regroup’s 10-Step Guide

Regroup’s white paper gives you important safety and security steps and helps you define a successful mass notification strategy.

Resource center IPAWS handout

Regroup IPAWS Integration

Leverage the United States’ own alert system through Regroup. Our guide illustrates how you can harness the power of Regroup for IPAWS and WEA alerts.

Resource Center powerSchool Handout

Regroup PowerSchool Integration

Learn the benefits of integrating Regroup with PowerSchool. Regroup is now seamlessly integrated with PowerSchool, the #1 Education technology for K-8 schools.


Regroup’s NOAA Integrations

Receive severe weather alerts directly from NOAA, reducing time and human error and improving response times in emergencies.


Active Shooter Infographic

This Infographic presents findings and trends from the active shooter events that rocked the US over fifteen years and helps you learn ways to be prepared.

Resource center education

Regroup for Education

Learn how to streamline campus communications and accelerate deliver of emergency and day-to-day notifications with our guide to Regroup for Education.


TipSafe Anonymous Incident Reporting

TipSafe delivers anonymous incident reporting for Regroup Mobile App users. It allows people in your network to alert of dangers and suspicious activity.

Resource center how much time-final

How Much Time Do You Really Have?

Download Regroup’s Infographic to learn how much time you have when an unexpected event or disaster strikes. You’ll also get helpful tips for preparedness.


Regroup for Tribes and Nations

Regroup’s mass notification platform provides Tribes and Nations with a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for emergency and day-to-day communications.