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Regroup Mass Notification Statement on Active Shooter Alert Communications Bill (H.R. 6538)

Industry leader in cloud-based mass notification for schools and universities offers workshop and other guidance for schools in preparation for new regulations.

Regroup Mass Notification, an industry-leading provider of emergency and day-to-day communication solutions, today responded to the proposed legislation, H.R. 6538 – the Active Shooter Alert Communications Act.

This bill was passed in the United States House of Representatives on July 13, 2022 and would require a mass alert protocol for government agencies at local, state and tribal levels once it is signed into law. It now heads to the Senate for further action.

“Regroup recognizes this legislation as a direct response to the mass shootings that have plagued many of our nation’s schools and communities,” said Regroup COO, Chris Utah.

“As a provider of mass notification solutions since 2006, Regroup takes our commitment to public safety very seriously. We’ve spent years continually improving our technology and knowledge so that we are able to provide the most reliable tools for schools,  businesses and local governments when emergencies arise.”

Regroup has scheduled a comprehensive online workshop for school districts and safety officers that will take place Thursday – July 28, 2002. In this learning session, Regroup’s panelists (including Chiefs of Police and other security professionals) will provide guidance on securing facilities, implementing preparedness plans, government funding opportunities and communicating with others in the event of an active shooter situation or other emergency. Additional study materials will also be provided.

School administrators and safety officers interested in learning more should visit or call 866-828-7563 for more information and registration details.

“It is our hope,” continued Mr. Utah, “that our efforts, these new legislative actions and community cooperation will help reduce acts of violence in our schools and in our communities nationwide.”

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