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Save Time and Increase ROI with Day-to-Day Communications

Mass notifications are generally best known for their unparalleled usefulness in emergencies. From active shooter warnings on school campuses to extreme weather alerts to geotargeted regions, reaching people when they need it most saves lives.

But mass notifications’ secret power is giving enterprises large and small the tools to save money and increase their return on investment. At Regroup, 75.6 percent of the groups our clients serve are configured for day-to-day communications. There’s no wonder why: Today’s businesses know that an informed staff, at an affordable price, is the key to their financial success.

No need for additional staff

A mass notification solution doesn’t require hiring an additional communications staff. With an elegant, cloud-based system, any administrator an enterprise selects can send out necessary messages to dozens, hundreds, even hundreds of thousands of people with ease. Regroup enables our clients to have an unlimited number of admins. That means if the C-suite is sending out important corporate information, the HR department wants to share payroll notices, and the safety officer wants to warn about an icy parking lot, they can all send those messages at no extra cost.

No additional investment in technological infrastructure

Day-to-day mass notifications are important, but the current churn of investing in technological infrastructure is expensive. Training staff on how to use new systems is often prohibitively pricey. A solution like Regroup allows companies to reach their workers on any device — their own mobile phones, company-provided laptops, digital signage, PA systems, even legacy phone systems — almost instantly. When needed, our two-way messaging system can allow recipients to respond as well. This can be useful when facing staffing issues, such as trying to locate on-call workers or covering for a sick or absent employee.

Keeping up with workforce trends

Two major trends are driving the increased desire for an easy-to-use and effective mass notification solution: The culture-shift that values time that’s not wasted in meetings, and the massive growth in workers — and managers — seeking a flexible work environment.

Meetings are often necessary, and a nice way for colleagues to share ideas in a convivial or collaborative setting. That will never change. But the days of back-to-back meetings with scant productive work are gone. A communication system that can get day-to-day messages to all of those who need them — while eliminating the need for them to all gather in a conference room together — is a great solution to the meeting conundrum.

Today’s executives and those who report to them crave flexible work environments. In fact, a Boston College Center for Work and Family study found that 76 percent of managers and 80 percent of employees said flexible work abilities improved retention and decreased expensive turnover. Whether an employee is working remotely or setting her own working hours, being able to reach her with important information on any device is priceless, and keeps her informed and engaged.

Easily scalable

Many enterprises need a communication system that is completely scalable. Consider a hospital system that merges with another: A cloud-based mass notification can add those new campuses and users without buying another communications platform. For large international corporations that need the ability to reach employees across the globe, and in their native languages, a solution like Regoup’s is essential.

Solves the “information overload” problem

In an age where inboxes can have more unopened emails than opened, a mass notification system that cuts through the noise is valuable. The Society for Human Resource Management suggests that people only retain three to five points from any communication. With Regroup, admins can send out easy SMS messages to every necessary employee with just two-taps on a device. Those will be messages that get received, and the information will be more likely to be retained.

Want to learn more about how Regroup can help your business save time and money with mass notifications? Check out our website’s day-to-day notification resources, or schedule a customized demo with our team today.