Advanced Solutions to Keep Workers Safe

Protect your workforce with Regroup’s real-time alerts and health safety updates, ensuring your team’s security and well-being.

Comprehensive Solutions to Keep Workers Safe

Keeping your employees safe is a top priority. Regroup’s employee safety solutions provide the tools to protect your workforce, from real-time alerts to health and safety updates. Ensure your team feels secure and supported at all times.

Panic buttons

Our panic buttons provide quick alerts for immediate assistance. With a simple press, employees can instantly notify security or emergency services, ensuring prompt responses in critical situations.

Lone worker check-ins

Ensure the safety of employees working alone with our lone worker check-in system. Regular check-ins and automated alerts guarantee that lone workers are accounted for and safe, providing peace of mind for both the worker and the organization.

Geolocation tracking

Monitor employee locations during emergencies with our advanced geolocation tracking. This feature enables real-time tracking of employee movements, allowing for efficient coordination and swift assistance if needed.

Health and safety updates

Share important health and safety information with your team using our robust communication tools. Keep employees informed about safety protocols, health advisories, and other crucial updates to maintain a safe working environment.

Incident reporting

Easily report and track safety incidents with our user-friendly incident reporting system. This tool streamlines the process of documenting incidents, analyzing trends, and implementing corrective actions to prevent future occurrences.

Secure Track

Provide a virtual escort for lone workers with our Secure Track feature. This real-time monitoring system ensures that employees are continuously tracked while working alone, offering an added layer of security and reassurance.

Protect Your Workforce Across Industries

Our employee safety solutions are designed to ensure the security and well-being of your workforce, regardless of the industry.


Alert workers about safety hazards on the production floor.


Communicate site safety protocols and risks.


Provide quick assistance during office emergencies.


Alert teachers and staff about immediate threats or incidents.


Ensure the safety of public employees, especially those working in the field or isolated areas.


Safeguard your team during emergencies and routine operations.