Leading Hospitality Mass Notification Solutions

Enhance guest experience and operational efficiency with Regroup’s advanced communication tools designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Comprehensive Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Discover how Regroup’s solutions can enhance your hospitality business's communication and operational effectiveness.

Guest Notifications

Elevate guest satisfaction with real-time updates on room status, exclusive amenities, and must-attend events.

Emergency Alerts

Ensure guest safety with instant alerts during emergencies, keeping everyone informed and secure.

Feedback Loop

Boost your service excellence by leveraging guest feedback for meaningful improvements.

Data Security

Guard your guests' privacy with our advanced security protocols, ensuring their data remains confidential.

Staff Coordination

Optimize your team’s efficiency with streamlined communication across all service departments.

Special Offers

Entice guests with exclusive promotions on spa, dining, and adventure, directly enhancing their stay.


Maintain the highest safety and health standards, keeping your property compliant and guests protected.

Real-Time Analytics

Utilize data to improve guest satisfaction and operational efficiency, making informed decisions based on guest behavior and feedback.

Customized Solutions for Hospitality Sub-industries

Learn how Regroup’s hospitality solutions cater to the unique needs of various segments within the industry.

Hotels and Resorts

Enhance guest experience with timely updates, emergency alerts, and personalized communication.

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Ensure guest and employee safety with real-time notifications and seamless emergency communication.

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Event Venues

Manage crowd communication effectively and ensure safety with instant alerts and updates.

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Cruise Lines

Maintain efficient communication with guests and staff, ensuring onboard safety and satisfaction.

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Restaurants and Dining

Optimize operations and enhance guest engagement with real-time notifications and special offers.

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Why Regroup Is the Best Choice for Your Hospitality Business

Regroup’s mass notification system is designed to support the hospitality industry’s safety and operational efficiency with reliable, scalable, and efficient communication solutions.

Comprehensive Notification Channels
Communicate quickly and seamlessly across multiple channels, ensuring no one is uninformed.

Real-Time Reporting
Utilize detailed reports to track communication effectiveness and ensure accountability during emergencies.

Scalable Solutions
Regroup’s platform is scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, ensuring reliable communication for small and large hospitality operations.

Integration Capabilities
Easily integrate with existing management systems, social media platforms, and emergency alert systems to enhance situational awareness and response.

Customizable Sign-Up Process
A customizable sign-up process increases employee participation while maintaining all existing subscribers during the transition to Regroup.

Continuous Support
Depend on Regroup’s dedicated 24/7 support team to ensure your mass notification system is always operational and practical.

Real World Success Story

Viejas Casino and Resort, Alpine, California

Viejas Casino and Resort needed a reliable mass notification system to handle emergencies and routine communications across their diverse resort business and tribal community. Their previous system was not user- friendly and had limited capabilities

Regroup provided Viejas Casino and Resort with a robust and intuitive mass notification system tailored to the specific needs of the hospitality sector. This included various features designed to enhance their communication efficiency and effectiveness.

Regroup Solution for Viejas Casino and Resort


User-Friendly Interface

Provided an intuitive, easy-to-use messaging interface and dashboard with QuickPost templates for both emergency and routine communications, ideal for busy hospitality environments.


Comprehensive Communication Channels

Enabled communication via email, mobile devices, text/SMS, push notifications, and more, ensuring broad reach to staff and guests alike.


Fast Alerts

Browsers and mobile devices are allowed to send quick, two- click alerts for immediate dissemination of critical information crucial for guest safety and operational efficiency.


Unlimited Capabilities

Offered unlimited groups, administrators, and templates, allowing extensive customization and scalability to meet the dynamic needs of hospitality operations.


Training and Support

Delivered free training and 24/7/365 client support, ensuring continuous assistance and smooth operation within the hospitality setting.


Customizable Locations and Groups

Allowed creation of customized locations and groups for targeted messaging, enhancing communication accuracy and relevance for different areas of the resort and community.

Our platform is designed to meet the complex communication needs of hospitality enterprises, offering unmatched reliability and versatility.

Regroup's system supports seamless integration with existing infrastructure, ensuring hospitality clients can easily manage routine and emergency communications. We help hospitality businesses stay connected, informed, and prepared for any situation.
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