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Enhance Enterprise Communication with Mass Notifications

Ensure rapid and efficient emergency communication with tools designed to deliver critical alerts swiftly. Enhance daily communications to maintain operational continuity and efficiency.

Comprehensive Communication Solutions for Enterprise

Discover how Regroup’s solutions can enhance your enterprise's communication and operational effectiveness. Our robust platform ensures seamless integration and unparalleled reliability to keep your business running smoothly.

Global Messaging Capabilities

Ensure your messages reach every part of your organization, regardless of geographical boundaries. Our platform supports 80+ languages and integrates seamlessly with various communication channels.

Translation Options

Facilitate clear communication across diverse language groups within your enterprise. Automatic translation ensures everyone understands critical messages.

Threat Intelligence

With advanced threat monitoring and proactive alerts, stay ahead of potential disruptions. Regroup's system provides real-time insights into threats, helping you safeguard your operations and take preventive actions.

Software and Hardware Integrations

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing enterprise systems and hardware for a unified communication strategy. They ensure compatibility and smooth functionality across all platforms.


Send targeted communications to specific locations to manage localized incidents effectively. This feature ensures that only relevant areas receive alerts, improving the precision and effectiveness of your response.

Panic Button

Empower your employees to trigger immediate alerts in emergencies. Quick access to help can save lives and mitigate risks, providing peace of mind and swift action.

Business Continuity

Ensure operational continuity with effective communication strategies. Regroup’s tools help you prepare for and manage disruptions, minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity.

Risk Mitigation

Proactively manage risks with real-time alerts and comprehensive threat intelligence. Stay ahead of potential issues with timely information and preventive measures.

Customized Solutions for Enterprise Sub-industries

Discover how Regroup’s solutions address the specific needs of various enterprise sub-industries.

Financial Services

Ensure compliance and secure communications with clients and employees. Effectively manage emergency notifications and routine updates.

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Tech & Telecom

Ensure uninterrupted operations and quick response to incidents. Facilitate internal communication and manage remote teams effectively.

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Retail & eCommerce

Enhance customer and employee safety with real-time alerts and updates. Coordinate store operations and manage incidents efficiently.

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Energy & Utilities

Maintain operational continuity with effective communication strategies. Address safety concerns and manage workforce coordination.

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Use reliable alert systems to ensure passenger and employee safety. Manage communication during emergencies and routine operations.

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Maintain operational continuity with effective communication strategies. Address safety concerns and manage workforce coordination.

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Ensure mission-critical communications reach volunteers, staff, and stakeholders efficiently. Manage event updates and emergency alerts seamlessly.

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Communicate with policyholders and agents effectively during claims processing and emergencies. Streamline operations with real-time updates.

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Enhance guest and staff safety with immediate notifications. Manage operational updates and emergency alerts efficiently.

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Small Business

Benefit from scalable communication solutions tailored to your growing business needs. Improve response times and operational efficiency.

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Enhance Your Enterprise Communication with Regroup

Why Regroup Is the Ideal Choice for Your Enterprise

Regroup’s mass notification system is designed to support your enterprise's safety and operational efficiency with reliable, scalable, and efficient communication solutions.

Comprehensive Notification Channels
Communicate quickly and seamlessly across multiple channels, ensuring no one is uninformed.

Real-Time Reporting
Utilize detailed reports to track communication effectiveness and ensure accountability during emergencies.

Scalable Solutions
Regroup’s platform is scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, ensuring reliable communication for small and large corporations.

Integration Capabilities
Easily integrate with existing HR databases, social media platforms, and emergency alert systems to enhance situational awareness and response.

Customizable Sign-Up Process
A customizable sign-up process increases employee participation while maintaining all existing subscribers during the transition to Regroup.

Continuous Support
Depend on Regroup’s dedicated 24/7 support team to ensure your mass notification system is always operational and practical.

Real World Success Story

Aireon, McLean, Virginia

Aireon needed a notification solution that could deliver accurate, up-to-the-minute information to a large client base with multiple contact points. They required a dependable system for both urgent and routine communications, as well as a solution capable of easily handling bulk imports of contacts and integrating with third-party platforms.

Regroup provided Aireon with a comprehensive and reliable mass notification system tailored to their specific needs. This included various features designed to streamline and enhance their communication capabilities.

Regroup Solution for Aireon


Template-Driven Communication

Facilitated accessible and efficient communication with multiple groups across various channels, surpassing traditional email capabilities.


Comprehensive Communication Channels

Enabled simple messaging to email, mobile devices, text/SMS, push notifications, and more, ensuring wide reach and engagement.


Bulk Import and API Integration

Simplified the process of importing contacts in bulk and allowed seamless integration with third-party platforms like NWS, Microsoft Teams, and educational platforms.


Emergency and Routine Updates

Empowered Aireon to send initial notifications during updates or maintenance efforts and quickly provide relevant follow-up information.


User-Friendly Interface

Offered an intuitive, easy-to-use messaging interface and dashboard with QuickPost templates for both emergency and routine communications.


Fast Alerts

Enabled rapid, two-click alerts from browsers and mobile devices for immediate information dissemination.


Unlimited Capabilities

Provided unlimited groups, administrators, and templates, allowing extensive customization and scalability.


Training and Support

Delivered free training and 24/7/365 client support, ensuring continuous assistance and operational efficiency.

Our platform is designed to meet the complex communication needs of enterprise clients, offering unmatched reliability and versatility. Regroup's system supports seamless integration with existing infrastructure, ensuring that clients can easily manage both routine and emergency communications.

With features like template-driven messaging, comprehensive communication channels, and robust support, Regroup helps enterprises stay connected, informed, and prepared for any situation.
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