Communicate Better, Save Lives

Streamline campus communications and improve safety by reaching teachers, staff and students wherever they are.


Regroup for Education

Regroup offers an easy-to-use mass notification platform that’s used by school districts, universities, and colleges across North America for day-to-day and emergency notifications.

Our innovative platform gives you the ability to keep students and faculty safer and more informed. With a single click, you can notify your entire school or campus if a crisis arises. Active shooter situations, severe weather, or public health threats can all be communicated quickly and efficiently with Regroup.

Critical Alerts

– Notify staff, students, parents, and authorities of emergencies
– Issue severe weather alerts and closures
– Broadcast public health warnings
– Enable staff and students to report their status
– Alert staff of critical outages (IT, phone lines,etc.)

Day-to-Day Alerts

– Schedule changes and closures
– Policy changes and updates
– School events and newsletters
– Faculty notices and updates
– Tuition or lunch balance reminders
– Attendance reporting to parents

Regroup offers seamless integrations with the leading Learning Management Systems that enable you to leverage our platform to communicate day-to-day information such as lunch balances, attendance and grade reports, building closures, schedule changes, and much more.

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