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Safeguarding Higher Education

Safeguarding Higher Education: How to prepare community colleges for severe weather

In an era marked by the escalating frequency of severe weather and natural disasters, the impacts of these events have struck a cord on community college campuses. In addition to physical safety concerns, these weather events can leave long-term effects on the institution, such as poor academic performance, faculty and staff income erosion, reduce re-enrollment and high costs of insurance and repairs. These effects have sparked community colleges to confront a dire reality—the need to bolster their preparedness and communication methods for severe weather conditions.

Given the destructive force of most severe weather, the call to action remains clear: it is time to strengthen and enhance severe weather plans within the walls of higher education.

Community colleges must take the time to prepare their campuses for these severe weather events. Identifying a community college’s potential risks and exposures and addressing deficiencies are essential practices. Fortunately, several tools are available to help keep students, faculty and staff safe and informed during severe weather, such as Regroup.

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