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Regroup Mass Notification Wins Secure Campus 2023 Awards

Regroup Mass Notification Wins Secure Campus 2023 Awards

Regroup Mass Notification, the industry-leading provider of emergency and day-to-day mass notification solutions, announced today that it has been named a winner of the Platinum Secure Campus Awards, which honor the outstanding achievements of security industry manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy for their ability to improve campus security.

Regroup was named a winner in the category of Security & Personal Safety Smartphone Applications thanks to its innovative Regroup Mobile App. The ease of use and unique features of their applications won over the judges.

Regroup Mobile App features various tools that help schools communicate and respond effectively to crises, such as:

  • Panic Alerts: contacts can quickly alert others during an emergency using a panic button.
  • TipSafe Anonymous Reporting: students and faculty can report safety concerns anonymously, keeping everyone safe.
  • Two-Way Communications: users can respond and send important information and updates in real-time.
  • GeoFencing: a tool that helps keep people from entering a danger zone or informs them before leaving an area to keep them safe.
  • Alert from Anywhere: administrators can reach recipients from wherever they are.
  • Two-Tap Emergency Notifications: pre-programmed QuickPost Templates that help administrators get information out quickly with only two taps in the app.

The app is used by educational institutions nationwide for a range of scenarios, such as school violence, active shooter events, school lockdowns, emergency drills, attendance reporting to K-12 parents, anonymous safety tips, school event promotions, weather closures and delays, daily student-teacher communications, faculty and staff internal notifications and more.

“Campus safety is a critical issue that we take seriously at Regroup, and this award serves as a powerful inspiration for our team,” said Chris Utah, Regroup COO.“It motivates us to continuously develop and refine our platform, aiming to provide the most trusted and effective system available. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, adapting to emerging challenges and meeting the evolving safety needs of educational institutions.”

Judging criteria for the 2023 awards criteria included features, innovation, user friendliness, interoperability, quality, design, market opportunity and impact in the security industry, technical advances and scalability.