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Using Mass Notification to Minimize the Threat of Civil Unrest

As civil unrest continues to create risks for individuals and organizations, Regroup looks at how better communications can help you protect people, facilities and assets.

Civil unrest can be defined in a number of ways. Violence between two opposing groups, mass protests, civil disobedience and riots are just a few examples of the types of civil unrest we have experienced in the past few years.

In 2021 alone, civil unrest increased approximately 10% worldwide. According to the Global Peace Index (part of the Institute for Economics and Peace), fatigue from COVID-19 restrictions and economic and political instability accounted for much of this uptick. According to their studies:

  • There were 14,871 violent demonstrations, protests and riots recorded globally in 2020
  • The economic impact of widespread violence in 2020 rose to $14.96 trillion
  • Over 5,000 pandemic-related violent events took place between January 2020 and April 2021

It is estimated that 75 countries will likely experience increases in public protests in 2022. These events are expected to be driven primarily by food insecurity and opposition to the continued restrictions on citizens and their movements.

property damageBecause of this ongoing turmoil, it has become increasingly necessary for businesses and organizations to seek new ways to safeguard their employees and assets. Civil unrest can not only bring about violence to individuals, but it can result in property damage and disruptions to everyday business.

The first priority is the protection of people. To that end, early warning mechanisms and open communication are essential tools for preparedness, response and safety.

Mass notification systems, like Regroup, can help protect individuals from dangerous situations should a public unrest situation threaten. Combined with an organization-wide safety plan and overarching communication strategy, mass notification is the perfect solution for keeping people safe in uncertain and rapidly evolving circumstances.

Using mass notification during routine business and emergency situations can hedge immediate dangers and improve outcomes for individuals, facilities and assets.

During routine business:

  • Use mass notification for planned safety drills to ensure team members can safely follow evacuation procedures
  • Circulate security procedures and safety policy updates throughout the organization
  • Survey employees on the organization’s security plans
  • Conduct wellness checks with remote and hybrid workers
  • Advise traveling workers about areas of concern
  • Notify stakeholders of potential threats before trouble strikes
  • Brief security personnel on response plans as they develop

During a potential crisis:

  • Use mass notification to alert team members of potential dangers
  • Send shelter-in-place or evacuation alerts
  • Use geo-targeted messaging to connect with those in affected areas
  • Request status updates from team members
  • Launch alerts to multiple channels for improved coverage
  • Send all-clear notifications

employee safetyAs part of your preparedness plan, it’s also vital to incorporate a threat intelligence tool. The appropriate threat intelligence solution can provide actionable insights when your people and assets are endangered. Additionally, threat intelligence can assist managers and administrators in monitoring events as they unfold and before they become a threat — enabling risk mitigation and improving business continuity.

Finally, a business continuity plan is key in responding to and recovering from dangers brought about by civil unrest. Your plan should include steps that limit losses, emergency and security response procedures and short- and long-range recovery plans to help keep your organization functioning.

When considering civil unrest as one of many potential threats to your people and assets, it makes sense to consult with local law enforcement and public safety officials for advice. Additionally, a thorough review of insurance is necessary to ensure you have adequate coverage for such events.

Above all, the safety of your workforce requires heightened awareness, strong communication strategies and a plan for protecting individuals. With a mass notification platform like Regroup, you can reach hundreds of team members instantly and across numerous channels.

Regroup helps you communicate with security personnel and responders while alerting team members of potential threats near to them. With Regroup’s Mobile App, you can also provide two-way communication to give instructions or receive updates from team members — wherever they are.

With the upturn in civil unrest and the projections for more in the coming months, taking a proactive approach to employee safety and facility security is a requisite and ever-changing responsibility for business and organizations of all sizes. Adding mass notification to your plan will help keep people and assets safer should unrest endanger your organization.

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