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The Village of Point Venture

Point Venture, TX

800 Residents

The Need

The Village of Point Venture originally relied on a home-grown emergency notification system, but messages could only be sent by phone, posts on their website, and through press releases  broadcast media . The town found their existing system to be very lethargic and archaic.  In order to meet the needs of their rapidly-growing community, the Village of Point Venture contacted Regroup to help them update their ENS.

They considered other solutions, but selected Regroup because of our multiple seamless integrations, ease-of-use, best value for money, customer support and user empowerment.

The Solution

The city now uses Regroup to seamlessly integrate with their website, allowing users to log in to opt in or out of receiving notifications for particular groups, update their own contact details and participate in group forums and provide real-time notifications. Furthermore, they now have the ability to contact residents and other stakeholders by landline, cell phone, SMS message, email or through social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook at the touch of a button.

Regroup’s all-inclusive price, including unlimited notifications, encouraged the Village of Point Venture to think outside the box and consider how to make the maximum use of the system for day-to-day communications, as well as emergencies without fear of escalating costs. The Mayor’s Office and Town Hall, in particular, plan to increase their engagement with residents by establishing notification sub-groups for all their day-to-day communications, but all departments involved in the decision will be using the facilities offered by Regroup.