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The Case for Mass Notification as a Safety and Production Tool in Entertainment Venues

Regroup looks at the ways mass notification can help maintain security and safety in entertainment venues while keeping guest experience positive.

Super Bowl 56 in Inglewood, California hosted approximately 70,000 spectators along with scores of athletes, coaching staff and hundreds of entertainers and production professionals. The success of such a massive undertaking relies on a coordinated effort of several teams and an overarching communication strategy that keeps everyone in the loop at all times.

With a larger venue event, like the Super Bowl, any number of disruptions can occur. Player injuries, suspicious persons, unruly fans, production delays and other factors can make the attendee experience less enjoyable and potentially less safe. It is, therefore, essential that larger venues and event management teams harness the power of a mass notification system to manage security, safety and fan expect

Regroup has served clients in the entertainment industry for years. The knowledge we’ve gained from these relationships is that entertainment venues have very specific needs relating to communication solutions, and that ensuring patron safety is a more daunting task than in many other businesses.

Because of the sheer size of crowds in attendance, maintaining safety requires a diligent approach from security teams and other stakeholders. With events like music festivals, production also demands open lines of communication to assure talent safety and smooth operation for sound, lighting and support teams.

For larger venues and events, traditional means of communication (such as two-way radios) may not always be the most efficient means of communication. That is why a mass notification solution makes the perfect complement for sporting and entertainment events as well as venues.

large venueAttendee Safety

Using a solution like Regroup allows security teams a discreet and reliable tool for reporting suspicious activity and coordinating responses. Regroup’s mobile app allows security professionals to make reports or request assistance without creating alarm in attendees.

Mass notification also enables teams to request medical attention for attendees quickly and more accurately than with two-way radios. This aids in getting help where it’s needed as fast as possible.

Maintaining Health Ordinances in Large Venues

While many counties and states are lifting restrictions following the COVID-19 pandemic, others are still required to operate under strict health ordinances. That may mean attendees provide proof of vaccination upon entering a venue or wear a face mask to gain entry.

With mass notification, venue staff can be easily instructed on how to manage entry lines and report back to administrators if problems arise. By communicating in this fashion, venue entry becomes a smoother, more trouble-free experience for patrons.

Facility Management and Guest Experience

It’s easy to take things like guest experience and comfort for granted, but keeping facilities and attendee services running smoothly requires a high level of attention.

Mass notification can enable service personnel to report product shortages or sanitation needs to stakeholders quickly. This helps foster a more satisfactory guest experience by ensuring concession supplies are restocked quickly and restrooms and other guest services are attended to.

concertSmoother Production with Mass Notification

Concerts and music festivals require months of planning and coordination between entertainers and production teams. Mass notification makes this a simpler process and gives producers an edge over outmoded communication strategies.

With mass notification, recipients can receive instructions via text/SMS, push notifications, mobile apps and more. Directors can target specific groups — like lighting or sound teams — or locations within the venue using geo-targeting technology.

And, mass notification helps establish accountability through a sort of digital paper trail. This makes it easier to visualize responsible parties and their responses to messages and requests.

Safer, More Successful Events with Mass Notification

Mass notification offers clear advantages over traditional methods of larger venue and event communications. Unlike two-way radio technology, mass notification can target specific groups, create more accountability and provide a better understanding of how teams respond during critical events and service requests.

And, with features like automated severe weather alerts and threat intelligence, mass notification provides a more complete security and safety tool for event venues and their patrons.

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