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Serving Tribes with Mass Notifications

Tribal communities can be complex organizations, sometimes spread over large geographic areas or in remote locations. Some own casinos and other business endeavors, which means a communication platform needs to be scalable enough to serve the entire residential population as well as serve casinos, resorts, and other business needs. 

For years, Regroup Mass Notification has worked with tribes and nations to keep their communities informed about inclement weather conditions, wildfires, and human-caused threats to safety. Mass notifications are also useful for collaborating with tribes on day-to-day communications announcing council meetings, special events, and issuing community reminders. With unlimited admins, the system can be used to reach the right groups at the right time. 

Recently, Regroup was able to assist the Fort Peck Tribes with a troubling issue affecting their people: sex trafficking that is often associated with fossil fuel extraction worksite operations. The oil and gas industry is frequently active near tribal communities, which are also remote and in rural areas. Bringing in many temporary workers — sometimes called “man camps” or “mini-boom towns” — the industry is unfortunately linked to missing people and human trafficking. 

Fort Peck Tribes is able to use the Regroup platform to alert the community when someone goes missing or to otherwise educate the residents about sex trafficking nearby. GeoFence messaging allows the messages to reach the tribes in an accurate way. 

For more information, download our free Fort Peck Tribes case study here.