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Resources and Tips for Natural Disasters

During the month of September, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) marked National Preparedness Month by providing tools, tips and resources to help individuals and communities prepare for natural disasters. 

The theme “Be Prepared, Not Scared” comprised resources from federal agencies and others to help communities that may be impacted from everything from hurricanes and floods to wildfires and infrastructure failures. 

As a mass notification company with a mission to keep people safe and informed, Regroup was happy to share FEMA’S well-timed tips with our clients. Over the course of the month, we also served clients who weathered Hurricane Dorian and major flooding in Texas as a result of Tropical Storm Imelda. Both were unfortunate disasters that demonstrated the importance of preparing for the unexpected.

Highlights from the September campaign:

Financial advice for saving in advance of an emergency

The businesses we serve recognize the importance and power of business continuity, and being financially prepared for an evacuation, business and campus closures or structural damage. Having financial documents in order, and some extra savings on hand, are the key to both businesses and individuals weathering any storm. Some surprise expenses, like hotel rooms for evacuated workers or meals at restaurants if kitchens aren’t available, can be more easily covered if you save in advance. 

Resources to help you “be prepared, not scared” from FEMA: 

Preparing for a natural disaster

At Regroup, we’re always talking about expecting the unexpected. Having a clear approach to an unanticipated emergency — whether it’s infrastructure failures that make flooding worse or an ice storm in a usually balmy climate  — can help businesses and individuals recover as soon as is practical. 

Plan ahead resources:

Preparing children for emergencies

If there are children in your home or your community, there are plenty of resources to help them prepare for fires, evacuations and other emergencies. Children can be particularly impacted by the fear that surrounds a natural disaster, so having a fearless way to prepare them for the unexpected should be a high priority. 

Four Resources for Families with Children

Getting involved with your community’s disaster preparation

Knowledge is power! There are many ways companies and community members can acquaint themselves with their community’s emergency response plans. In turn, they can share them with neighbors and their workplaces to make sure everyone is capable of responding to an emergency. 

If you or your business would like more information on how to get involved, FEMA offers several resources:

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