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Regroup’s Mobile Apps: Manage Your Regroup Account & Reach Your Audience Better

If your business already utilizes Regroup Mass Notification, the industry leader in emergency and day-to-day notifications for education, health care and more, then you already understand how Regroup makes both emergency and day-to-day communications simple and effective. But are you aware of Regroup’s mobile apps that can help you and your audience make the most out of your investment?

Read on to learn more about how the AlertManager and AlertMe apps provide benefits for administrators and recipients alike.

Two Apps, One Dependable Mass Notification Solution

AlertManager for Regroup Administrators

In addition to providing a world-class web platform,  Regroup administrators are also encouraged to download the AlertManager app. AlertManager empowers admins, staff, and other group leaders to easily and quickly access the full power of Regroup Mass Notification from the palm of their hand using any iOS or Android smartphone. AlertManager enables Regroup clients tin many ways, including:

  • On-the-fly alerting: Quickly reach specific individuals or entire groups through multiple channels such as mobile phones, landlines, email, and social media. When combined with prewritten Quick Post message templates, event-specific multimedia, and recorded voice alerts, it takes only 2 taps for admins to send recipients the information they need to stay safe.
  • Customizable quick posts: In a single tap of a Quick Post Button, admins can rapidly access templates that can notify a single department or the entire building to shelter-in-place or evacuate to safety. Quick posts can be customized for any number of scenarios for both day-to-day notifications and emergencies. Admins can also create and send as many quick posts as needed for their specific organization.
  • Safe & secure two-way messaging: Regroup allows recipients to respond to notifications from wherever they are and submit on-the-scene reports with text, images or a voice recordings. These replies can be seen in real-time in the AlertManager app so admins have immediate access to information and take action as necessary.
  • Push notifications that ensure critical alerts are delivered: Push notifications allow your recipients to receive critical alerts even when their device’s screen is locked or cell phone towers are down, ensuring critical alerts won’t be overlooked or ignored during an emergency situation. AlertManager can be used to send Push notifications as well as traditional SMS/Text messages to recipients.

AlertMe for Your Recipients

One way to ensure your audience is receiving your notifications is to encourage them to download the free AlertMe app for iOS and Android. AlertMe allows your audience—everyone from employees, students, customers, and other recipients—to personalize their notification settings, which allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your organization’s mass communication capabilities. Here are some of the ways audience adoption of AlertMe will benefit Regroup clients and your recipients:

  • Increased Deliverability & Reliability: AlertMe enables you to send mobile push notifications that put important updates directly in front of recipients, even when cell-towers are down or inoperative. Since push notifications rely on data connections and not cell networks, they’re also delivered faster than traditional SMS messages.
  • GeoFencing Made Possible: When location matters, you can notify people in specific areas when they have the AlertMe app installed. Keep people from entering a danger zone or inform them before they leave an area by sending a GeoFence message to devices through AlertMe.
  • TipSafe Reporting – Enable your audience to safely report suspicious behavior, potential threats, and other safety concerns.
  • Critical Two-Way Communications – When you need information back from your audience, AlertMe allows them to respond and send important information and updates from wherever they are.
  • Empower Your Audience: AlertMe’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy for recipients to sign up and customize their notification preferences – like setting their preferred language – and keep their contact information up to date. They can also view the latest posts sent by administrators at any time.

If you’re an existing Regroup client, you can encourage your audience to download the AlertMe app by sharing the social posts, flyers, emails, and more that we’ve made available for you here

In summation, Regroup administrators are encouraged to download the free AlertManager app and encourage their audience to download the free AlertMe app. Both apps enhance Regroup’s capabilities and help organizations around the country communicate more effectively and while keeping people safe.

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