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Astors 2019

Regroup Wins ‘Best Mass Notification System’ in the 2019 American Security Today Awards

Regroup Mass Notification, an industry-leading provider of emergency and day-to-day mass communication solutions, today announced it has been named a Platinum Winner to the 2019 ‘Astors’ Homeland Security Awards.

American Security Today’s Annual ‘ASTORS’ Awards program is the largest and most comprehensive in the industry, highlighting the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions coming onto the market today.

Regroup’s nomination highlighted several of the company’s achievements over the last year, including being used by clients to:

  • Save lives through wildfire evacuations and response
  • Stop an armed potential shooter on a Florida college campus
  • Improve safety for swimmers and residents in the Outer Banks
  • Participate in early earthquake warning programs 

“As a trusted partner to organizations across the nation, Regroup is dedicated to facilitating a powerful and easy to use mass notification solution that can be leveraged to keep people safe and informed during any situation. Winning the ‘ASTORS’ award motivates us to further our commitment to mass notification,” said Chris Utah, Regroup’s COO.  

“As the nation continues to respond to escalating threats from home and abroad, the innovative solutions recognized here today have been developed to prevent, address, and mitigate those threats. The evolving threat landscape continues to support tremendous growth in the field of Homeland Security,” said Michael Madsen, co-founder and publisher of American Security Today.

“Today, the United States is increasingly focusing on innovative physical and IT/cyber security solutions and organizations are calling on government and industry leaders like Regroup to help them do so.”

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