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Regroup Unique Culture of Giving

Regroup’s Unique Culture of Giving: Encouraging Volunteerism Among Employees

At a time when companies often choose to donate money or offer products and services to charitable causes, Regroup has taken a different approach to philanthropy. This small company has established a culture of giving that aims to become an integral part of their employees’ lives, extending beyond their tenure at Regroup. The company compensates employees for volunteering their time to support the causes they care about most.

“Although the extent of giving varies from year to year, it has never decreased since we launched the program six years ago, and we take great pride in that,” remarked Chris Utah, a founding member and the COO of Regroup. He added, “Last year, my colleagues and I were able to provide over 4,000 hours of volunteer service to communities around the world.”

Over the years, Regroup employees have helped feed the homeless, participated in storm relief efforts, raised funds for medical research, volunteered for physical security within high-risk school systems and more, all while receiving their regular pay. The program aims to inspire people to donate their time consistently until it becomes a routine part of their lives, and it appears to be working. Many former employees have continued to give back to their communities, attributing this habit to their time with Regroup.

Utah recalled an instance where a long-time employee approached him for a pay raise. After presenting a well-reasoned argument for a significant salary increase, the employee requested to work only four days a week, dedicating one full day to her church’s humanitarian efforts. Utah said, “While it may not be a testament to my negotiating skills, it certainly acknowledges the substantial impact a single person and program can have.” He approved the change and regularly receives photos and updates on the families and children affected by the employee’s weekly contributions.

Regroup’s innovative approach to fostering a culture of giving demonstrates the potential for businesses to leave a lasting, positive impact on both their employees and the communities they serve.

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