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regroup dri finalist awards of excellence

Regroup Named Finalist in DRI Awards of Excellence

Regroup Mass Notification, leader in mass notification systems, recognized as a finalist in DRI’s Product and Service Provider of the Year, 2022.

Since 2006, Regroup Mass Notification has been keeping organizations safe, informed and productive with its multi-channel, cloud-based notification platform. With its genesis in emergency alerts for higher learning institutions, Regroup has been used to save lives, prepare for emergencies, respond to potential hazards and empower resilience against critical events.

Now serving healthcare, enterprise, non-profits, Tribes and Nations, larger venues, construction and logistics, Regroup has evolved to be the mass notification platform that addresses emergency and day-to-day communications needs for an ever-growing family of clients.

Regroup provides all its clients with 24/7 support, full onboarding and a host of popular integrations to make communications and organization simpler.

Over the past 16 years, Regroup has been honored with numerous industry awards and accolades that underscore the company’s commitment to excellence. Regroup Mass Notification’s dedication to making continuous service improvements, combined with our compassion for the communities we serve, is making a difference every day. Our high client satisfaction and retention rates are further proof of our dedication to an exceptional customer experience and innovation in mass communication.

Over the past year, Regroup has developed product and feature enhancements to help its clients bolster their business continuity strategies and strengthen their resistance to business disruptions.

Regroup recently introduced an innovative Threat Intelligence Suite as a complement to its award-winning mass notification platform. During these challenging times, this valuable tool helps client companies identify potential threats like cyberattacks, civil unrest, severe weather conditions and other hazards before they can impact operational resilience.

Regroup has also introduced Desktop Alerts, instrumental for on-site and fully dispersed workforces. With its desktop alert functionality, Regroup Mass Notification can be used in emergencies at the workplace or to more easily stay in touch with remote employees.

The company also added integrations for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Active Directory and Single Sign-On to address the growing demand for more unified business and communications solutions.

With these new developments and offerings, Regroup addresses the ever-evolving needs of enterprises who find themselves with remote and hybrid teams, healthcare facilities responding to pandemic threats, educational institutions and businesses seeking a smart, reliable way to communicate every day.

Regroup is recognized by FEMA as one of the nation’s few Alert Originators that have successfully demonstrated their system’s IPAWS capabilities. This means that Regroup’s system enables city, county, and local government departments across the United States to reach citizens in a variety of effective ways.

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