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2020 mobile star award

Regroup Mass Notification Wins 2020 Mobile Star Awards

Regroup Mass Notification, a trusted provider of emergency and day-to-day mass notification solutions, today announced that it has been named a winner of the 2020 Mobile Star Awards in the “Innovative Mobile Mass Notification & Response” category. The Mobile Star Awards is one of the largest, longest-running programs acknowledging mobile innovators, apps, and software. 

The Mobile Star Awards program is hosted by the mobile events and news site MobileVillage

Regroup’s cloud-based mass communication platform has helped organizations in a vast variety of industries maintain communication and strengthen resilience during these unpredictable times. The newly enhanced mobile versions of Regroup give schools, businesses and local governments the power to send and receive fast notifications when it matters most. 

The highly praised features that launched Regroup as a clear winner to the award included:

  • A human-centered UX for intuitive usage
  • Real-time, two-way communication between admins and recipients
  • Push notifications that ensure critical alerts are always delivered 
  • Two-tap QuickMessage templates that can include multimedia, attachments, images and recorded messages
  • Populated recipient lists that empower admins to easily reach specific people or groups

The application’s ability to deliver notifications, even when cell towers are down or overloaded, set Regroup apart from competitors. Additional features such as geofencing capabilities and the app’s easy-to-use interface were key factors that made Regroup a clear winner.

Since 2001, the Mobile Star Awards program has showcased the best and most innovative consumer and business mobile apps, mobile devices, mobile technology companies, and success stories. Nominees and winners are chosen by the mobile-savvy followers of

“Even with almost 30 years as a market development pioneer in mobile tech, we still get excited to spotlight both the latest rising tech stars and established mobile innovators,” says MobileVillage Editor Gary Thayer. “No matter how many thousands of new mobile apps and products we all see each year, the best ones are usually crystal-clear standouts over all the rest.”

“Receiving a Mobile Star Award is an accomplishment that’s recognized by the entire mobile industry, as well as customers and investors,” says MobileVillage Founder and CEO Jon Covington. “In some way or another, each of the winners are helping to make our lives easier or better during these challenging times.”

To learn more about Regroup’s award-winning platform, request a demo here.

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