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Regroup Mass Notification Responds to Market Needs During COVID-19 Outbreak

Regroup Mass Notification, the largest privately and closely held mass notification software provider, has risen to the needs of its clients during this time of crisis and high demand for reliable communication tools. Its powerful platform has succeeded in sending more than 40 million COVID-19 related messages as of last week, sent by local governments, schools, hospitals, houses of worship and more. These messages continue to keep people informed and safe during this difficult time.

In addition to an expected spike in messages being sent over its award-winning mass notification platform, Regroup has seen a significant increase in new business from the healthcare market, as well as from enterprise clients that require a personalized customer success experience. Organizations from a wide range of industries are quickly seeking tools to adapt to managing and communicating with a now largely home-based workforce, while others need a fast and reliable solution for reaching groups including students, congregations and contractors with regular updates. Regroup’s new COVID-19 Map Layers, released last week, are helping new and existing clients visualize the outbreak and respond with better situational awareness.

“Our philosophy as a self-funded company is simple. Client success is our growth model — not growth-through-acquisition which is the model of many investor-backed organizations,” said Chris Utah, COO of Regroup. “We don’t answer to stockholders or investors. We are accountable only to our clients, and the people they serve. Growth is just a byproduct of taking great care of our clients.”

The new clients Regroup has onboarded over the last month have been a mix of organizations that have never used a mass notification tool and those that have, but became dissatisfied with poor customer service and increasing costs at their previous vendors. Regroup prides itself on what it calls a “no nonsense pricing” model and an easy-to-use web and mobile platform that make its system powerful during emergencies, useful every day, and accessible to organizations of all sizes without requiring extensive training.

Since its founding in 2006, Regroup has embraced a flexible remote work policy for all staff and is not experiencing the latency that other companies in the mass notification space are, as their workforces navigate the steep work-remote curve. The company recognizes that growth in business requires a growth in the ability to serve the needs of new and existing clients under increased demand, so Regroup doubled its headcount in key departments last year in preparation for what was already projected to be a year of strong growth.

“Amid layoffs and uncertainty all around us, we’re delighted to be adding to our ranks of skilled professionals who can serve our current and future clients,” said Chris Utah.

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to progress toward its apex in the United States, Regroup has enacted its own emergency response plan to ensure its staff is able to serve client needs during this crucial time. The company also expects to continue onboarding new organizations to its platform at a rapid pace, and is predicting triple digit organic growth over 2019.

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