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Regroup Mass Notification Partners With 360 Accelerator to Improve Access to Communication Tools for Charter Schools Across California

Regroup Mass Notification, an award-winning leader in emergency and day-to-day mass communication technology, has announced a new partnership with 360 Accelerator, a California-based organization working to improve educational quality for all by strengthening public education options. As part of the partnership, Regroup’s powerful cloud-based mass communication software will be available to 360 Accelerator’s member schools at discounted prices to support and encourage better communication for schools that are less likely to be able to afford access to a mass notification platform.

360 Accelerator currently works with more than 20 schools — serving nearly 15,000 students — in the Central Valley of California, an area that has struggled with social, economic, environmental, and other challenges. Charter public school members will now benefit from a unique 20% discount on Regroup’s mass notification platform, making it easier for them to access tools that keep parents and faculty informed at all times, while also increasing school safety during emergencies.

“The Central Valley of California is an area full of opportunity for companies like ours to contribute to the greater good,” said Chris Utah, COO of Regroup. “We are thankful to work alongside 360 Accelerator in their mission to improve educational quality and access in the region. Regroup’s platform has been proven to help schools reduce costs, improve operations through better communication, and be better prepared for emergency situations. We anticipate our collaborative partnership will make a big impact for these schools, their students and their families.”

With access to Regroup Mass Notification, members of 360 Accelerator will be able to unify internal and external communications that help schools operate more efficiently and respond faster in emergency or unexpected situations. Regroup also integrates with leading learning management and student information systems such as Canvas, PowerSchool, Blackboard, and others, for seamless student-teacher and parent-teacher communication.

Additionally, Regroup enables on-the-go communication for day-to-day alerts such as schedule changes, reporting to parents, as well as critical alerts such as public health warnings, through its mobile applications for administrators and parents. Regroup Mass Notification is already trusted by schools across North America to streamline emergency and day-to-day communications.

Learn more about 360 Accelerator on the organization’s website, or read about the success other schools have with Regroup Mass Notification here.

About 360 Accelerator

360 Accelerator works to improve educational quality, access, and equity for all students by connecting and strengthening public education leaders. 360 Accelerator focuses on relationships, capacity-building, and regional momentum. The organization identifies, connects, and facilitates cohorts of public education leaders to create communities of practice and impact networks in pursuit of academic, operational, and leadership excellence.