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Puerto Rico Hurricane

Regroup Mass Notification Offers Recovery Support to Clients in Puerto Rico

By providing a 6-month credit to all Puerto Rican clients, Regroup is waving subscription fees for critical communications tool to support recovery efforts

Regroup Mass Notification, an industry-leading provider of emergency and day-to-day mass communication solutions, announced that it is issuing a 6-month credit to clients located in Puerto Rico to aid in their ongoing efforts to recover after disastrous Hurricane Maria struck the island last September.

Many clients in Puerto Rico have been unable, or found it difficult, to pay for the use of Regroup’s service since the hurricane; however, the company’s mass notification tool is an important component of recovery efforts. Because of this credit, Regroup clients will have full access to the system, and 24/7 support services, to assist with executing recovery strategies and protocols.

By providing a reliable, cloud-based mass communications platform, Regroup plans to assist those who most need to coordinate internal and external teams to meet specific key requirements that result from a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Maria.

Existing clients of Regroup located in Puerto Rico can call or email the company’s Client Support team for more information about the credit — which has been applied automatically to their accounts.

“We are glad for the opportunity to contribute to Puerto Rico’s recovery from the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Maria,” said Chris Utah, COO of Regroup. “We hope this six-month credit will have a positive impact on our clients’ recovery efforts, while allowing them to still benefit from leveraging our robust, reliable communications platform to communicate and collaborate during this important time.”

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