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Regroup Mass Notification and The Lake Forest Group to Present Webinar on Preventing Workplace Violence

Regroup Mass Notification, an award-winning leader in emergency and day-to-day mass communication technology, today announced that it will be joining forces with The Lake Forest Group, experts in strategic security consulting, to present a free webinar on preventing and preparing for workplace violence. 

According to OSHA, nearly 2 million incidents of workplace violence are reported each year, with an unknown number of incidents that go unreported. This timely webinar will take place on Sept. 25,  2019, at 11 a.m CDT. Click here to register for the event.

Attendees will gain unique insights pertaining to acts or threats of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that could occur within any organization. The session will cover:

  • Creating a workplace assessment to determine an organization’s preparedness
  • What makes a complete emergency management plan
  • Measures to increase situational awareness and spot warning signs in advance
  • Tools and resources to establish a culture of communication
  • Anonymous reporting to increase employee participation
  • Key stakeholders with whom to collaborate

“We at Regroup understand that workplace violence poses a risk to all workers, their customers, and visitors, for all industries. This webinar should be of great value as more employers are beginning to look for resources to mitigate threats to their workforce and reduce conflict in the workplace,” said Chris Utah, COO of Regroup. “Regroup’s unique solutions and functionality can be an especially helpful tool for Safety Directors, Human Resources departments, and others to implement and make an immediate difference.”

To learn more about Regroup Mass Notification, schedule a demo HERE or call 855-REGROUP.

About The Lake Forest Group

The Lake Forest Group provides expertise in risk, threat and vulnerability assessments, emergency preparedness, contingency planning, executive protection assessments and operations design, event security design and implementation, program and policy development, security management, and commercial cannabis security through alliances with a worldwide network of law enforcement and security professionals.

Clients span industries including:  Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Professional and Collegiate Sports, Commercial Real Estate, Financial Services, Educational Institutions, Hotels and Resorts, Casinos and Gaming.

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