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Hurricane Harvey Safety

Regroup Delivers Safety Alerts and Critical Information During Hurricane Harvey

Regroup Mass Notification, industry-leading provider of mass communication solutions, reports a significant increase of notifications sent over the weekend in Texas. Detailed analytics show that Regroup’s average messaging volume increased by nearly 30 times during the severe weather.

“From the day of landfall through Sunday evening, our clients in the region relied heavily on Regroup,” states Chris Utah, COO of Regroup. “Notably, Regroup’s mobile app was used as much as SMS to mitigate against what veterans of regional disasters know of mobile infrastructure — it’s typically the weakest link. Our clients sent as much traffic in three days as we typically see in one quarter. This substantial increase translated into more people being alerted when time was of the essence and lives were on the line.”

Regroup will continue to provide live 24/7 support and critical alerts during this dangerous time to help ensure everyone stays safe.

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