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Pensacola State College Uses Regroup to Respond to Credible Threat of Dating Violence

Regroup Mass Notification’s emergency alert platform was used by the Pensacola State College’s police department to avert potential violence arising from a domestic dispute in Pensacola, Fla.

As a service designed exclusively to keep people both informed and safe, the aversion of this potential tragedy is Regroup’s mission.

At the end of October, the Pensacola State College Santa Rosa campus was put on an emergency lockdown, keeping its students, faculty and staff safe from harm. The chief of police for the college system said Regroup made the lockdown — and avoidance of a potential tragedy — seamless and fast.

“We were informed by another law enforcement agency that an individual was likely armed and coming to campus after threatening harm to one of the people on our campus,” said Sean Fagan, the Chief of Police for the Pensacola State College system. “It was a credible threat. I was actually able to pull over in my car upon hearing about it, and able to send emergency notifications to everyone on campus from my parked vehicle.”

The threat was quickly located and neutralized.

“I was able to use the app to send the alert through AlertManager in less than a minute,” Fagan said. “I’m so glad I have this app where I can do this, wherever I am, and do it so quickly.”

The Santa Rosa campus itself has more than 250 students, faculty and staff. The college has six campuses, with thousands of constituents.

The incident ended with no injuries. The suspect was arrested by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

“You never know when a dangerous emergency situation, including a potential shooting,  is going to happen on a college campus,” said Chris Utah, COO of Regroup Mass Notification. “We are so pleased to offer a tool that our clients find fast and easy to use to keep the people they care about safe in a crisis. We are so relieved to have kept the Santa Rosa campus safe, and more than grateful that no one was injured.”

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