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Improve Student Participation and Stop Harassment on Campus

Following the presidential election in November, presidents from 110 colleges and universities signed a letter imploring President-elect Trump to publicly denounce the recent acts of hate and violence that have taken place around the nation. In addition to President-elect Trump’s public declaration to “Stop it,” mass communication technology can augment efforts to promote and restore a safe environment for all students and faculty members within institutions.

Colleges and universities naturally strive to maintain an atmosphere of open-mindedness and respect, as well as to encourage student bodies to celebrate diversity of religion, race and gender so students feel safe and are ready to learn. But how can university administrators strengthen student and community participation in order to foster a more inclusive attitude on campuses? Technology can help. When used correctly, mass communication platforms can create a sense of well-being and help maintain communication among staff, students and faculty on campus. Unified messages that immediately post to websites, social media and are sent via text and email are a great way to engage your community and build trust, as well as a shared sense of purpose.

Here are some ideas on how to utilize mass communication technology to help stop harassment on campuses:

  • Notify and invite the entire campus to events celebrating diversity
  • Open up a student-wide dialogue on inclusion and tolerance to promote collaboration between students
  • Send inspirational messages that promote hope and unity
  • Send messages directly from the college president, professors and staff so students feel supported by the administration
  • Empower students with mobile alerting technology so when they see or experience harassment, they can speak up immediately
  • Create safety communication networks on campus to immediately alert the authorities when harassment occurs, enabling help to arrive quickly
  • Utilize anonymous incident reporting, such as Regroup’s TipSafe, so students can anonymously notify school officials when a situation arises
  • Leverage the power of social media to encourage open-mindedness and promote university ethics

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