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2020 Wrap Up

Hundreds of Millions of Messages: A Year in Review

It goes without saying, 2020 was not the year we anticipated. With gratitude, we look back on a year where we were able to work closely with our clients to keep their organizations and communities safe and informed. 

Organizational continuity was top-of-mind as companies, healthcare organizations, schools and entire communities coped with a complex pandemic. Through it all, we were able to see great communications and leadership from our clients and partners. 

What will 2021 bring? There will be a continuing struggle with the pandemic crisis, even as businesses, schools and other organizations start to return to a new normal. We know from experience that using mass notifications during this time frame will be essential. 

In 2020 in North America, Regroup’s clients used our system to:

  • Send more than 138 million emails
  • Send almost 63 million SMS messages
  • Make more than 21 million voice calls and messages
  • Add an additional 4.2 million contacts to our clients’ lists 

From responding to record-breaking wildfires, shutting down university campuses, pivoting to a remote workforce and announcing office closures, our clients were able to keep on top of an incredibly unpredictable year. Essential healthcare facilities were able to use our platform to keep their staffs, patients and their loved ones informed about safety procedures, COVID-19 outbreaks and changes in locations or protocol. 

A university was able to use our system to protect campus after one of its students shot another student. A manufacturer was able to communicate with its workers as it was hit by two hurricanes in 2020. A nonprofit organization was able to use the platform to communicate with its staff and volunteers to connect vulnerable residents with much-needed resources. 

For us, it was also a busy year. We relocated our corporate headquarters from California to Texas, and opened a much anticipated branch office in Colombia. We were thrilled and honored to be named a Platinum Winner to the 2020 ‘Astors’ Homeland Security Awards; to win the 2020 Mobile Star Award; the Security Today 2020 New Product of the Year Award; and the TMC Unified Communications Excellence Award. 

What are you looking forward to, in 2021? Can Regroup serve your needs? Contact us for a free customized demo today.