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How Mass Notification Technologies Can Augment Your Reality

Thousands of people at International JFK airport in New York were recently evacuated due to a perceived shooter threat, which may have been initiated by people clapping and banging on the bar out of excitement over the Olympics. The world is clearly on edge!

Who wouldn’t duck for cover after thinking they hear gunfire, when an active shooter event happens every 18 days, on average, in the U.S.? Then citizens read reports of stress shrinking their brains, adding more stress to an already stressed-out populace. Employees, students, staff, and communities need to feel secure, like they are part of a community network to receive emergency alerts and messages immediately. They want to know that no matter what happens, they are safe and “in the loop.”

Regroup is proud to be part of that community. During Hurricane Sandy, one of the costliest hurricanes in United States history, Union County College in New Jersey sent more than 500,000 critical messages over a three-day period. When Sandy caused widespread power outages, UCC was able to confidently implement emergency communication protocols as they had a back-up plan for sending critical alerts. When power was disrupted they used a landline to call Regroup support to facilitate the sending of critical alerts on their behalf.

We offer outstanding, friendly, 24/7 live customer support. Our mass notification system sends emergency alert messages right away, to every communication device. No matter what. With one click, text, or email, the message goes simultaneously to all users’ email, SMS, landline, Facebook, and Twitter. To keep people safe, Regroup can also be connected to alarms, speakers, sirens, and even to local and federal government authorities, such as NOAA Alerts and IPAWS.