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How Hospitals Can Save Money & Improve Patient Care with Regroup Mass Notification

Hospitals nationwide are looking to cut costs and save money, and implementing a tighter, more efficient communications system is one way to save millions each year. By adding an all-in-one communications solution like Regroup Mass Notification, the industry leader in emergency and day-to-day notifications for healthcare applications, hospital administrators will help encourage more efficient workflows, improve patient care and positively impact their bottom line.

What is Regroup?

Regroup is a cloud-based communications platform to facilitate reliable emergency or routine mass notifications. Key features include:

  • Easy-to-use but comprehensive unified communications interface.
  • One-click multi-channel, multi-language alerting.
  • APIs to automate emergency notification.
  • Tools for collecting on-the-scene intelligence to increase situational awareness.
  • Unlimited notification templates to help save time.
  • Target recipients by title, role and location.

Quite simply, Regroup Mass Notification makes emergency and routine communications simple and effective, helping healthcare facilities reduce operational costs and improve patient care. Here are the top 3 ways this is achieved:

1) Save Time

An all-in-one communications solution like Regroup goes beyond critical alerting and helps administrators better manage communications efficiently across the entire network — including enabling care team collaboration with multiple patients and healthcare professionals, responding faster to emergencies and enabling greater efficiencies with routine communications.

The fully-customizable Regroup platform can also be used for:

  • Reducing code or other alert errors with quick, template-driven notifications.
  • Community outreach.
  • Transmitting policy updates.
  • Disseminating safety bulletins or other events to staff and volunteers.

A customizable platform streamlines hospital communications and supports multiple workflows without disrupting current operations, allowing healthcare providers to better monitor, coordinate and manage care in less time and maintain greater focus on their patients.

2) Reduce Litigation Expenses

Healthcare facility leaders need to ensure their facility follows the HIPAA guidelines set in place by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights. HIPAA standards require all clinical communications related to protected health information (PHI) that is “produced, saved, transferred or received in an electronic form” must be in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.

When a healthcare facility’s communications platform—cloud-based or otherwise—isn’t HIPAA-compliant, the penalties can be steep. For example, in 2017, the OCR levied a quarter million dollar fine on a Boston medical center after it was discovered the center had inappropriately stored patient data.

Regroup’s communication platform seamlessly integrates with a healthcare facility’s existing electronic medical or health record systems (EMRs/EHRs) and also complements other critical systems and processes, including:

  • Fire & security alarms
  • PA systems
  • Pagers
  • Digital signage
  • Desktop alerts
  • LED screens
  • Scheduling systems

Regroup offers healthcare providers a flexible platform with strong security measures and redundancies in place to protect PHI databases and better prevent expensive litigation situations.

3) Decrease Average Patient Stay and Readmission Cases

When healthcare institutions incorporate a HIPAA-compliant mass messaging solution that supports telehealth, the result is better patient outcomes and patient satisfaction because:

  • Care teams are empowered to easily follow up with patients and catch problems that could lead to readmission.
  • The platform is scalable, allowing patients to be added to the network to facilitate secure communications with doctors, nurses and other care team members in the event they are discharged but have questions while homebound.
  • Care teams can reach their patients more easily and quickly through multimodal communication to cell phones, landlines and email. Additionally, by giving patients the option of multimodal communications channels, patients can feel more at ease communicating using the method they are most comfortable with.

Save Money While Saving Lives

Hospital care teams need to communicate quickly and securely with each other and with their patients — regardless of where they are or what device they’re using. The right mass notification system can help healthcare professionals meet these goals by unifying multiple communication channels into one — helping hospitals reduce costs and comply with the law — ultimately improving patient care and minimizing operational costs over the long term.

Regroup Mass Notification is an award-winning provider of mass communication solutions and is committed to providing hospitals and healthcare facilities with effective tools for enhancing clinical communication and collaboration. To learn more, call 775-476-8710, take advantage of a free demo at or email