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Five Must-Have Safety Integrations

Five Must-Have Safety Integrations

A cloud-based Mass Notification System (MNS) like Regroup Mass Notification® can help you strengthen your organization’s resilience and keep people safe and informed by notifying large groups of people during an active or imminent emergency situation. It can also be used for routine alerts to your audience each day. For any MNS to reach its maximum potential though, it should be integrated with the other systems and processes currently being used within your organization – including everything form your built-in emergency alarm systems to employee record databases.

Integrating with your existing systems reduces the need to manually update contact information and enables you to leverage your existing hardware when sending notifications. Regroup’s Open-API and many optional integrations reduce manual tasks and accelerate delivery of potentially life-saving alerts. They are must-have tools that help make your response plan more efficient and effective, especially during a crisis.

With so many options, which integrations are organizations finding most useful? To answer that question, we looked at data from our platform and spoke to key clients. Download our latest resource to learn about the 5 most-used safety integrations that boost the reach and capabilities of Regroup’s mass communications platform.

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