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Earthquake Awareness

Earthquake Awareness Month: Resources that Help Communities

February is Earthquake Awareness Month. And, with each passing year, we’ve learned more about technology’s improvements in awareness and overall survival rates in the best-and worst-case scenarios. 

In February of 2021, Japan was rocked by a massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Only a decade ago, the aftershock of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake completely devastated that nation. Clearly, the importance of earthquake awareness and preparedness cannot be understated.

Regroup Mass Notification partners with emergency services and municipalities to facilitate preparedness in the case of an earthquake. Our platform can be used with early warning systems to notify local residents of an imminent quake. Additionally, it can be used during drills to help educate people in earthquake-prone regions on the response, preparedness, and survival techniques. 

As part of our commitment to public and personal safety, Regroup has partnered with the United States Geological Survey to bring Earthquake Early Warnings to a selected group of Regroup’s mass notifications platform.  

Regroup Mass Notification, an industry-leading provider of emergency and day-to-day mass communication solutions, has announced a finalized partnership with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to bring Earthquake Early Warnings (EEW) to a selected group of users of Regroup’s advanced notifications platform. The program is called ShakeAlert.

Notifications of early earthquake warnings can be sent through the Regroup platform to mobile devices, landlines, email, telephones, and websites — alerting communities and providing emergency response information.

If you find yourself at risk of an earthquake (no matter how slight it may seem), experts advise:

  • Drop to the floor.
  • Cover yourself under a sturdy table or desk, or stand in a doorway or room corner. Cover your face and head with your arms.
  • Hold on to something sturdy until the shaking stops.

Earthquakes aren’t the only emergencies mass notifications can help protect individuals and communities against. 

For years, Regroup Mass Notification has worked with municipalities, tribes, and businesses to alert community members of weather emergencies, closures, and other impactful events.

We stand ready to assist you in keeping your community safe and aware. Read more about Regroup’s government partnerships here.

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