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COVID Vaccine Delivery Success

COVID Vaccine Delivery Success Through Mass Notification

As of March 16, 2021, more than 383 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been given worldwide with over 111 million doses administered in the United States (Bloomberg Vaccine Tracker). And, as of March 13, the average doses administered per day reached nearly 5 million, in the US alone. Bloomberg estimates that it will take another 5 months to cover 75% of the population with the two-dose vaccine.

This is an enormous and historic undertaking by healthcare facilities, government agencies and manufacturers. With all but two pharmaceutical manufacturers producing a two-dose vaccine, the logistics of ensuring an orderly distribution process are staggering.

Regroup Mass Notification is aiding a number of healthcare providers, throughout North America, in achieving maximum efficiency through the use of its multimodal communication and alert platform. Using Regroup’s multimodal messaging platform, healthcare professionals are able to coordinate vaccine distribution and – through mobile apps, email and other notifications – keep tabs on patients who are still in need.

Opting In for Updates
Providers who use Regroup can manage vaccine notification lists through opt-in communication opportunities into specific lists. These lists can be easily segmented by patient demographics, locations and other qualifiers determined by the healthcare facility. Patients with special circumstances, underlying health concerns or other needs can be identified in a priority communication list.

Multimodal Notifications to Reach Everyone
Unlike some notification systems, Regroup’s is fully multimodal and offers a number of ways to send notifications and alerts. If a patient is resistant to unfamiliar technology, Regroup can alleviate concerns by sending messages to landlines, text/SMS, email, desktop notifications and social media. This allows patients to receive communications in a manner most comfortable to them – ensuring the success of your outreach efforts.

Auto-Translations for Clarity
Regroup features Automatic Message Translation and can accommodate up to 63 languages. With it, your single notification is automatically translated based on the recipient’s preference. This greatly reduces miscommunication and enhances the effectiveness of your notification process.

Mass Notification for Appointment Announcements and Reminders
With Regroup, you can easily create templates to announce vaccine availability. These can be readily customized to notify specific groups -based on eligibility – at selected times (healthcare workers, elderly patients, etc.). These templates can also be used for reminders and notification of second dose appointments.

Regroup automatically generates comprehensive reporting of messages received and read, giving your staff the tools they need to better coordinate with your patients and reach out to those who have not yet responded.

Regroup for Situational Awareness
In March 2020, Regroup introduced new mapping layers that allow administrators to visualize the spread of COVID-19 at state and local levels. These map overlays can be toggled on Regroup’s existing map view when creating a geo-targeted message.

This helps healthcare providers stay aware of potential problem areas and communicate advisories to patients throughout their network. Using Regroup’s QuickPost templates, healthcare professionals can quickly send instructions for patients to follow in order to avoid exposure.

Working for Positive Outcomes
The global pandemic of COVID-19 has tested governments, the healthcare profession and individuals worldwide. Working together, safeguards and solutions are becoming more commonplace and positive outcomes more abundant.

Regroup is committed to doing its part by providing a robust, reliable and trusted means of communications to our clients in the healthcare industry. Helping to ensure an orderly and effective distribution of COVID vaccines has served to strengthen Regroup’s resolve in serving the medical community and its valued patients.

regroup for healthcare Your Next Steps
Regroup Mass Notification offers a complete suite of tools for routine and critical communications. For healthcare professionals, Regroup can help you ensure safety, keep staff informed and advise patients quickly and easily.

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