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Anticipating the Unexpected Through Drills

One of the most powerful uses of a mass notification service is its ability to contact everyone when seconds count.

Whether the emergency is man-made, such as when an active shooter is on campus, or a natural disaster like an ice storm or a hurricane, authorities need a fast, easy and trusted solution to keep everyone safe and informed.

Some key features of our mass notification platform, which can be used in emergencies and also for drills to prepare for the unexpected:

  • Easy-to-use but comprehensive unified communications interface
  • Multiple fail-safe features to ensure alerts can always be launched
  • APIs to automate emergency notification
  • Tools for collecting on-the-scene intelligence to increase situational awareness
  • Unlimited all-hazards notification templates to help save time in a crisis

Why start with drills

An effective drill can give users peace of mind that their system is effective in reaching everyone in an emergency.

Just as important, it provides practice for people using the system and can illuminate potential shortcomings. Are the right groups and lists established? Are the templates for a quick warning or evacuation set up correctly? Is the language you’re using clear and concise enough to get your recipients to take action?  

A drill can also show users data and information about an emergency warning’s reach and impact — analytics that can be used to further improve the process.

Regroup has created a free resource that clearly outlines why organizations should conduct emergency drills. It includes a comprehensive checklist, as well as some key features our unique and robust platform provides.

You can download a checklist for conducting successful emergency drills, along with many other safety resources here:


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