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Answering the Communications Challenges of Small and Local Governments with Mass Notification

Local governments and Tribes require innovative ways to communicate to keep residents safe and informed. Regroup Mass Notification offers some creative and effective ideas for bringing communities together.

Small and local governments can face unique challenges when it comes to communicating effectively with staff and residents. Particularly true of local townships and Tribes (with significant budgetary limitations), developing a smart and robust plan for communicating during crisis situations may seem overwhelming.

Additionally, planned communications — such as meeting notices or changes to event schedules — can be inefficient because of recipient preferences or outdated technology. This leaves smaller governments at a disadvantage when important communiqués need to reach as many individuals as possible.

When staff members are in the field, or when communities are scattered across larger geographic areas, it is crucial for small governments and Tribes to access more robust tools for getting the word out. Mass communication platforms, like Regroup, can solve these problems and provide a more nimble, simple-to-use method of communication in virtually any scenario.

communications for tribesEveryday Notifications

Regroup’s multi-channel, cloud-based platform is a useful tool for routine notifications to staff members and community residents. Since Regroup can deliver to email, text/SMS, landlines, mobile devices, desktop alerts and social media newsfeeds, small government administrators can rest assured that their messages will be widely seen.

This is especially useful for communicating with a diverse network of recipients who may have varying degrees of comfort with different technologies.  Small governments and Tribes can use Regroup to inform recipients of schedule changes and upcoming events or solicit community feedback on local issues.

Community Watch Groups

Regroup’s Mobile App can be utilized by community and neighborhood watch groups to discreetly report suspicious activity to network administrators. With Regroup’s two-way communication to mobile devices, administrators and safety leaders can better advise residents on next steps, safety precautions and other preventative measures. This allows the community to take more control over its own safety and security, without ever having to act alone when a threat is present. It also allows Tribal police and security to gain immediate intelligence when a crime may be in progress.

COVID-19 Updates

In coping with the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, government and Tribal administrators can harness Regroup’s platform to alert staff members of potential outbreaks. Using Regroup’s geo-targeting capabilities, recipients in specific areas can be notified and others automatically alerted when entering those locations. Additionally, Regroup can be used to notify community residents of vaccination opportunities or updates to local health ordinances.

small government communicationsSevere Weather

Since Regroup provides integrations with NOAA and the National Weather Service (NWS), severe weather alerts are fully automated. When a community is threatened by hurricanes, tornadoes or flooding, Regroup automatically sends alerts to all channels with updates and instructions for staying safe. Network administrators can also issue alerts for staff members and residents to shelter in place or provide evacuation details.

Improving Outcomes for Communities

Regroup provides a more reliable and effective way to communicate with government and Tribal staff as well as community members. By improving delivery of emergency and daily notifications, Regroup can help strengthen communities in times of crisis and keep people notified of events, changes and other planned communications easily.

Regroup is the simpler but powerful way to keep people in the loop. Whether the circumstances require dependable emergency alerts or simplified routine notifications, Regroup has become a popular tool of local government and Tribes to help keep people safe and informed.

Your Next Steps

We invite you to download our case study, Village of Point Venture. This small community uses Regroup for a wide variety of communications, including emergencies, the Mayo’s address and meeting updates. See how they brought their community closer together with Regroup.

download case study village point venture