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A Refreshed Customer Approach

We love our customers at Regroup! We wanted to mark today’s Get to Know Your Customer Day by announcing a new approach to customer care and to celebrate some of the awesome ways our clients use their own, tailored mass notifications to keep their communities safe and informed.

The joy we gain from our customers every day is one of the driving forces behind what we do. So to honor #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, we’re delighted to share a new department we’ve created to build in a more high-touch level of service for our clients.

Sure, almost every day is a hashtag holiday, but this one is one that has inspired us, since we at Regroup walk the talk of customer appreciation. We focus on their needs so they can serve their own constituents, whether it’s the young K-12 students they want to protect from harm, or the workforce they need to educate. Get to Know Your Customers Day is observed on the third Thursday of each quarter in January, April, July, and October.

New Department: Customer Success

As Regroup expands both our client base and our staff, we recognize that each and every customer still comes first. It’s something that every company aims for, but as we looked at it more strategically, we asked ourselves: How can we do more? How can we make our customer’s path to success more aligned with our goals of providing an efficient, high-quality, seamless experience?

Today, we are announcing the creation of a full-service Customer Success team in addition to our existing Technical Support team. The members of Customer Success will be devoted to the long-term success of each of our clients starting from the time a new contract is signed. Customer Success will provide a tailored onboarding experience for each client, assist with ongoing training needs, and be the central touchpoint for our clients to inform future product development decisions at Regroup.

With Customer Success, Regroup clients will now have a point of contact that will extend far after they’ve selected our service and meet their needs with a more personalized touch in addition to traditional tech support. Clients’ requests for additional services, questions about our capabilities, and requests for new features and capabilities will be addressed by a trained team of individuals dedicated to one cause: making their experience streamlined, positive and powerful.

Ambassador Program

The Customer Success team will engage and grow the Regroup Ambassador Program, which helps us build a deeper understanding of our clients and their needs.

The Ambassador Program is a small community of clients who help us dive deeper into the feedback and needs of our customers from a variety of industries, including higher education, K-12, healthcare, construction, local government and more. Our invite-only group of Regroup Ambassadors also beta test new features to our solutions before they are unveiled to the public. The insights they provide are invaluable.

Ambassadors have a direct connection to our product team to offer suggestions for building and evolving our platform. We have monthly webinars and groups where they can share information and best practices with one another, as well as one-on-one training and consultations. We love how the detailed input from our Ambassadors can directly benefit all of our clients, by teaching us how our platform is being used in real-world scenarios, from emergency notifications to day-to-day communications.

Some Reasons to Cheer

Just a few client success stories to share on #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay.

  • American Airlines Arena in Miami — home to sporting events, concerts and more — can hold up to 22,000 in its world-class facility. The sheer volume of guests, patrons, workers, athletes and artists poses a challenge when information needs to get out, and get out fast. The enormous facility sends out routine mass notifications and uses Regroup to help security teams manage incidents, and also in the case of emergencies. When there was a security breach and an individual wound up backstage, the arena was able to use Regroup to keep everyone safe.


  • Pensacola State College in Florida is the state’s largest and oldest college in the Florida panhandle. They have been a longtime member of the Regroup family, and recently started using some new features, such as the AlertManager mobile app. When the Chief of Police for the six-campus system was informed that a potential school shooter might be headed into campus, he was able to use AlertManager to inform everyone on campus about the potential threat within seconds from his pulled-over vehicle. No one was injured and the suspect was arrested.


  • Fisher County Hospital District in Central Texas serves a sprawling, rural area. The workforce is spread over a wide area, so it’s important to be able to contact doctors, nurses and staff in a way that will provide critical patient care. In a mass trauma event — such as a violent incident or a bus crash — the hospital system needs to be able to bring in workers who may have not been scheduled to work that day. Regroup makes that easy, and efficient. It can also be used in more common emergencies, such as warning commuters who work for the district  about weather events or road closures.

For more examples on how our clients are using Regroup’s solutions to protect and inform their own communities — the workers, residents, patients and others they serve every day — you can see additional case studies here. Please let us know if there are ways we can serve you: Schedule a free demo with our team today.