communications for logistics
Communication Systems for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Communication Systems for Logistics and Supply Chain Management are crucial to keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly but they’re even more important when emergencies and crisis situations arise. Learn how Regroup Mass Notification is your one-stop solution for all scenarios.

Regroup for Logistics

Learn how Regroup can help you maintain business continuity, manage loads, send delivery notifications, automate weather alerts for carriers and more.

Keep freight moving, reach drivers and teams and mitigate risks with one simple solution. Regroup’s intuitive and easy-to-use platform delivers reliable notifications and two-way communications, wherever you are. Notify drivers…

Messaging Templates
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Communications for Operational Resilience
Communications for Operational Resilience

Disaster can strike your business at any time. Learn how a solid emergency preparedness plan can help protect your business and employees when the unexpected happens.

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