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Using Mass Notification to Manage Logistics During a Supply Chain Crisis

Bottlenecks and disruptions in the supply chain can spell disaster for logistics companies trying to remain competitive. Regroup looks at some communication solutions to keep logistics companies moving

Now that the end of 2021 is fast approaching, and the holiday season is in full swing, getting products to consumers in a timely manner is an expected challenge for logistics companies across North America. This year, however, companies are facing additional hurdles due to interruptions in the supply chain that are impacting nearly every country in the world.

These critical disruptions are the perfect storm coming from a global pandemic, rising consumer prices, geopolitical climates, strains on the labor force and historical inflationary pressure affecting the United States, United Kingdom and several other western nations. Some experts believe these challenges will continue to impact consumer markets for the foreseeable future.

logisticsBut, as the expression goes, the news isn’t all bad. Over the years, more logistics and shipping companies have more adeptly embraced technology as a complementary tool to bolster their resilience and operational efficiency. From logistics and purchasing managers to truck drivers and receiving personnel, technology has become an indispensable part of each professional’s daily routine. And, one of the most effective technological tools available to overcome critical disruptions is mass notification.

Regroup’s award-winning mass notification platform has long been used by logistics professionals as an emergency alert system for truck drivers and other traveling employees. With its automated National Weather Service and NOAA alerts and geo-targeting capabilities, it has become a vital part of the employee safety plan for a number of large trucking and shipping companies.

But, Regroup’s nimble day-to-day communications abilities also make it the perfect companion for companies that proactively mitigate risks due to supply chain disruptions and workforce constraints.

Since mobile phones are a staple tool for most truck drivers and warehouse employees, Regroup’s immediate delivery to mobile devices and text/SMS is more reliable than email alone. Regroup can deliver thousands of these notifications rapidly, ensuring dispersed team members are kept informed, at all times, of disruptions and other potential threats.

Administrators can use geo-targeting to specify groups of recipients. This allows those employees, using Regroup’s mobile app, to receive weather alerts, road closure information or updates on road conditions. Using Regroup’s mobile app, these recipients can easily circle back with management to provide status updates and other information useful for crisis management. Regroup eliminates the need for “phone trees” or calling drivers individually for updates.

truckingRegroup’s optional features can also keep logistics companies running reliably and more lean. The Threat Intelligence Suite from Regroup is particularly useful for spotting potential disruptions. This full-featured risk-monitoring system alerts administrators of severe weather, civil unrest, COVID-19 restrictions, travel safety and cybersecurity trends. It can keep dispersed workforces and IT professionals informed of potential business threats and allows stakeholders to respond more effectively.

Regroup also provides Desktop Alerts. These familiar and easy-to-use notifications have the ability to reach an entire organization, selected groups or remote and lone workers within seconds. Useful for warehouse and manufacturing facilities, Desktop Alerts command attention when shipments are delayed or other conditions threaten business continuity.

As with any industry, logistics is best served through the use of technology. However, large learning curves and complicated interfaces may create hesitancy in some employees. Regroup is easy to use, clear and concise — making it highly adoptable throughout the logistics and shipping industry. This ensures your organization’s success in implementing Regroup as your critical and daily communication tool.

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