Security & Risk Mitigation Services

Regroup’s security and risk mitigation services help organizations protect their people, property, and brands while reducing risk and preparing for the unexpected. 

Our trusted and highly credentialed Security Advisors provide comprehensive risk assessments, tailored emergency management and active shooter plans, and customized training that also help you make the most of your Regroup Mass Notification account.

A Regroup Security Assessment helps your organization benchmark and implement best practices in physical, technical, procedural, and personnel security. These security measures must all work together in order to protect your people, property, and assets.

Our security assessment reviews your security technologies, including the access control system, cameras, fire alarms, duress buttons, and emergency communications to ensure they are aligned with physical security measures like doors, locks, gates, and fences—and that these security disciplines are supported by trained security professionals and policies and procedures that prioritize safety and security. By leveraging our experiences with corporations, healthcare organizations, industrial facilities and other public and private sector entities, we also benchmark your security against industry best practices as well as comparable organizations. 

After performing the assessment, your Security Advisor will offer strategic considerations for improvements to achieve a best in class security program through discreet and unobtrusive enhancements that preserve your culture and allow your employees to do their best work.

Meet Our Senior Advisor

G Michael Verden
G Michael Verden
Senior Risk & Security Advisor

With an extensive career as a police officer, Secret Service agent, Director of Security for the NBA, and security consultant, G. Michael Verden understands how to apply security best practices to your unique setting to safeguard people, property, and assets.

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