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Key Features of Regroup's Mass Notification System

Explore Regroup's powerful features designed to enhance communication, improve safety, and streamline operations for your organization.

Critical Alerting Capabilities

Rapidly communicate during emergencies with features designed for quick dissemination of critical alerts such as severe weather, IT disruptions, and other crises.

Operational Efficiency

Extend beyond emergency use with tools that enhance daily communications, ensuring operational continuity and community welfare.

Multi-channel Communication

Deliver messages across multiple platforms including email, text, voice calls, and mobile apps to ensure no one misses important information.

Advanced Integration Options

Seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructure to enhance system functionality and user experience.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your organization meets all regulatory requirements. Our solution adheres to industry standards, safeguarding data privacy and security across various sectors.

Global Messaging Capabilities

Communicate effectively with your workforce across different geographic locations. Monitor threats in your area with advanced threat intelligence and automatically translate messages into 80+ languages.

Scalable Solutions

Adapt and grow the notification system as your organizational needs evolve, from small teams to large enterprises.

Comprehensive Reporting

Track and analyze the effectiveness of each communication, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement.

What Our Customers Say About Regroup

"We already had the groups set up in Regroup. Within 10 minutes of hearing about (the storm) we had reached more than 22,000 people through email, voice, text, and blasted every phone on campus,"

Bruce Cannon

Head of Information Technology for Spartanburg Community College

"Regroup helps us communicate more efficiently within our project teams and trade partners. It's a great tool to quickly distribute important information throughout the entire project team."

C.J. Reed

Manager of IT Training Programs at McCarthy Holdings (Construction Company)

"Our team started the process by looking for a system that could address many of our communications challenges while easily integrating into our learning management software—Ellucian. Additionally, we especially wanted a solution that would allow us to send messages through a variety of channels to help us reach more of the campus community in the way they preferred to receive Linn-Benton communications."

Danny Aynes

Director of Enrollment Services for Linn-Benton Community College

"When our campus was forced to close for several days, the administration knew that it was important to update students and employees using a variety of methods, but the most reliable was going to be through Regroup."

Dayna R.

Executive Director of External Affairs, Redlands Community College

Experience the Best in Emergency Preparedness and Mass Communications

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Exceptional Value

Achieve up to 30% cost savings compared to competitors without compromising on quality. Regroup offers fast, reliable messaging to ensure safe and informed communities.

Seamless Implementation

Quickly integrate Regroup’s solutions into your daily operations with our user-friendly desktop and mobile app, designed to safeguard your people and assets.

Award-Winning Innovation

Experience the excellence of Regroup’s mass notification system, recognized for its innovative approach to enhancing organizational safety and communication.

Unlimited Support

Enjoy customized solutions with 24/7 access to client and technical support, ensuring your needs are met around the clock.

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