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Regroup’s versatile API suite and robust integration capabilities enable our partners to easily integrate their products with our multimodal notification platform, for seamless, two-way communication between Regroup and partner third-party systems.

With clients across all industries ready to serve millions of users, you will be expanding into exciting new business opportunities that will result in success for your organization.

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System Integrator

Regroup can seamlessly integrate with third-party systems through our flexible, open API. Our robust integration capabilities enable partners to trigger each others’ systems to broadcast critical and non-critical notifications — either manually or automatically, allowing you to always remain in control of communications.

Referral/Reseller Partners

Expand revenue by recommending Regroup to your clients with an easy-to-implement referral program. Regroup also works with qualified Reseller Partners to sell the Regroup platform to customers globally. Expand into a rewarding opportunity by working with us to keep people safer and better informed.

White Label

Improve your product offering by adding our robust mass notification solution. Regroup is trusted by organizations across North America and around the globe to improve safety, send emergency communications, maintain business continuity, and more.

Our Partners

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a scientific agency that monitors weather emergencies, conducts environmental research, and focuses on the conditions of the oceans, major waterways, and the atmosphere.

The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System leverages all the major federal monitoring and emergency services. The single platform funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is used to warn the public about weather emergencies.

The Lake Forest Group is a consulting service specializing in security strategies for organizations. It assesses risks, and trains organizations on issues including workplace violence, security gaps and emergency response.

Canvas by Instructure provides software tools for educational institutions from K-12 through higher education, as well as Fortune 1000 companies. The online educational and corporate training tools share content and enable collaboration.

RSmart connects students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders to the resources and content they need with a simple Google-like search from any device. It serves higher education institutions with a scalable solution that institutions can customize as their own.

Alertus Technologies engineers software and hardware for emergency mass notifications over large areas. Its hardware includes wall-mounted Alert Beacons, text-to-speech voice speaker arrays, integrated fire alarms and outdoor wide-area sirens.

Desktop Alert is a portal system that enables mass communications. Its software delivers alerts, emergency communications and other critical messages to desktops based on IP addresses.

Singlewire Informacast Software develops and supports IP-based voice applications for emergency communication with mass notification capabilities. It can reach people on premises and when they are mobile.

PowerSchool provides education technology to K-12 institutions. Its solutions are designed for improved school management, scaling to student growth and increasing family engagement.

The Foundation for California Colleges supports and enhances the missions of each of the members of the state’s community college system. It provides access to shared resources including software solutions.

The DriveMind Group makes organizational safety solutions, including health safety products and services. They serve educational institutions, religious organizations, nonprofits and businesses.

Ellucian is a software company that serves higher-educational institutions with cloud-based solutions. Its products include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Student Information Systems (SIS), Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), and Integration and Analytics.

Texvar is a value added reseller focused on providing best-of-breed SaaS solutions to mid-tier clients in the private and public sector. Texvar takes the headache out of due-diligence and makes fact-based buying easier for procurement teams.

PagerDuty is a cloud-based computing company specializing in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) incident response for IT departments. It leverages and centralizes monitoring tools so teams can deliver better customer experiences and reduce downtime.

AcroVista Software makes several solutions. Its flagship software is used by more than 4,000 schools, factories and businesses for scheduled bells and audio, paging and emergency notifications.

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