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Save Lives with Regroup

The #1 Mass Notification, Emergency Preparedness, and Business Continuity System

Equip Your Organization with Regroup's Comprehensive Threat Intelligence Solutions for Proactive Risk Management.

The Best Solution for Effective Mass Notifications

Discover how Regroup can enhance emergency communication strategies, ensuring swift, reliable, and comprehensive notifications

Send Safety Alerts No Matter What

Deliver safety alerts in any emergency, including power outages and cell service disruptions, with multiple fail-safe features. Ensure critical messages are always received.

Save Time with Multichannel Notifications

Ensure the right people receive vital messages by broadcasting on multiple channels, including email, text, push notifications, desktop notifications, PA systems, and more.

Get Information Out Fast

Broadcast information quickly with QuickPost Templates, which you can update and send in seconds. This ensures the rapid dissemination of crucial alerts.

Get Faster Responses

With instant two-way messaging, you can receive real-time status updates and check on the safety of your employees. This feature enables quick verification of employee safety during emergencies.

Send Notifications From Anywhere

With only two taps, you can send messages from anywhere using our mobile app or a simple desktop interface.

Notify People Entering and Exiting an Area

Keep people safe during emergencies by adding entry and exit messages sent to anyone traveling into and out of selected areas.

Target the Right People

Send messages to specific locations or create particular groups, like different departments, building floors, or job sites, to ensure the right audience is reached.

Make Your People Feel Safe

Ensure all necessary personnel can send messages when needed. Regroup offers unlimited training and the ability to set up unlimited groups, admins, and templates.

Protect What Matters Most with Regroup

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Rapid and Reliable Emergency Communication: Arkema's Experience

We find Regroup useful when we need to reach everyone quickly. We monitor storms and other conditions, and if we have to decide to close or change procedures, we can reach everyone fast with Regroup.

Rene Neron

Plant Manager

Why Regroup Is the Best Choice for Effective Mass Notifications

Support your organization's communication needs by providing a reliable, scalable, and efficient solution. With Regroup, you can:

Simplify Operations
Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, allowing for a unified approach to risk management that reduces complexity and enhances response times.

Ensure Immediate Reach
Deliver messages instantly across multiple channels to guarantee that no one is left uninformed. This comprehensive coverage maximizes the chances of reaching all stakeholders promptly, regardless of their location.

Enhance Decision-Making
Utilize real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions quickly during emergencies. Provide leaders with actionable insights to minimize response times and optimize outcomes.

Maintain Compliance
Monitor all communications with comprehensive audit trails to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and standards.

Streamline Training and Support
Benefit from Regroup's dedicated support team and user-friendly interface, which make it easy for your staff to adopt and use the system effectively.

Secure Your Organization
Equip your organization with tools that encourage timely updates and continuous communication to create a proactive safety environment.