Desktop Notifications

Powerful, Discreet, and Impossible to Ignore

Introducing Regroup's Desktop Notification software, a seamless solution for sending critical and routine messages directly to your organization’s existing computer infrastructure.

Stay Informed and Alert with Desktop Notifications

This powerful tool ensures that important notifications reach employees in a discreet yet impactful manner that demands attention. Administrators can deploy life-saving alerts to desktop computers and laptops across your network with just a few clicks.

Cloud-Based Platform

Access and manage notifications from anywhere without needing on-premise hardware.

Cloud-Based Platform

Compatible with both Mac and PC machines.

Customizable Alerts

Choose from full-screen, partial-screen, or pop-up alerts to fit your needs.

Sound Settings Configuration

Guard your guests' privacy with our advanced security protocols, ensuring their data remains confidential.

Audible Alerts

Utilize text-to-speech technology to broadcast alerts through computer speakers.

Rich Text Messaging

Send HTML-rich notifications for enhanced communication.

Ready-to-Use Templates

Access pre-designed alert templates for quick deployment.

Custom Branding

Personalize your messages with your organization's branding.

Cancel Alerts

Easily cancel active alerts if needed.

Data Synchronization

Sync group and contact data from Active Directory or your Regroup account.

Applicable to All Industries

Utilize desktop notifications to ensure critical information reaches the right audience quickly and efficiently, enhancing communication and response across various sectors.


Rapidly communicate during emergencies with features designed to disseminate critical alerts quickly.


Improve staff coordination with real-time alerts and secure messaging.


Strengthen Campus Safety and Compliance with Regroup’s Comprehensive Notification System


Transform Your Government Communication with Regroup’s Comprehensive Notification System

How It Works



Deploy the Regroup Desktop Notifications software on your existing computer infrastructure using standard desktop management or mass installation tools for fast and easy setup.



Customize alert sizes and sound settings and set up templates to match your organization's needs.



Quickly send notifications from within your Regroup account to specific groups or your entire organization, with the capability to deliver messages to up to 150,000 workstations per minute.

Why Choose Regroup Desktop Notifications?
Regroup's Desktop Notification solution is unique because it's entirely cloud-based, eliminating the need for on-premise hardware. It can effortlessly deploy messages to computers connected through your organization's intranet or any computer with an internet connection.

This makes it ideal for large organizations, especially those with remote or field-based employees. The software is compatible with most standard desktop management tools and mass deployment installers, making onboarding and configuration a breeze-even for unattended computers.

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Desktop Notification Guide

Learn how to effectively implement a mass notification system tailored to your organization's needs. This guide provides insights into key features, best practices, and critical considerations for selecting and deploying a robust communication solution.

Explore our other Mass Notification System Features

Whether you are dealing with emergencies, routine updates, or need to gather critical feedback, Regroup's comprehensive communication solutions ensure that your message is delivered quickly and reliably to the right people, no matter where they are.

GeoFence Messaging

Send location-based alerts to recipients within specific geographic areas. Perfect for targeted emergency warnings and localized updates.

IPAWS and Wireless Emergency Alerts

Utilize the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) to broadcast emergency alerts via multiple channels, including mobile phones and public media.

Polling and Surveys

Gather real-time feedback and responses through customizable polls and surveys. Enhance situational awareness and make informed decisions during emergencies and routine operations.

Responsive Alert

Deliver critical notifications promptly with real-time, two-way communication capabilities. Engage with recipients and gather immediate responses to ensure effective crisis management.

Tipsafe Anonymous Reporting

Provide a secure and anonymous way for individuals to report incidents and send tips in real-time. Enhance safety by encouraging the reporting of suspicious activities and threats.

Panic Alert

Enable users to send instant panic alerts to security personnel or emergency responders. Designed for quick response during active shooter situations, assaults, or other immediate threats.

Auto Translation

Automatically translate messages into over 80 languages to ensure clear communication across diverse populations. Break down language barriers and improve message comprehension.

Actionable Playbooks

Implement predefined, step-by-step response plans for various scenarios. Reduce response times and improve outcomes during critical events and routine operations.

Mobile App

Take Regroup's powerful mass notification capabilities on the go. Send and receive alerts, access reports, and engage in two-way communication from any mobile device.