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Elevate Your Guest Experience with Regroup

Transform Your Hotel's Safety & Communication: Discover Hospitality Mass Notifications with Regroup

The Best Solution for Hospitality

Discover the essential features designed to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations in the hospitality industry, ensuring safety, satisfaction, and efficiency.

Guest Notifications

Elevate guest satisfaction with real-time updates on room status, exclusive amenities, and must-attend events.

Staff Coordination

Optimize your team’s efficiency with streamlined communication across all service departments.

Emergency Alerts

Ensure guest safety with instant alerts during emergencies, keeping everyone informed and secure.

Special Offers

Entice guests with exclusive promotions on spa, dining, and adventure, directly enhancing their stay.

Feedback Loop

Boost your service excellence by leveraging guest feedback for meaningful improvements.


Maintain the highest standards of safety and health, keeping your property compliant and guests protected.

Data Security

Guard your guests' privacy with our advanced security protocols, ensuring their data remains confidential.

Integrated Booking System

Deliver a hassle-free booking experience with our integrated system, smoothing out the path from reservation to stay.

Easy End-User Experience

Viejas made the change to Regroup since our previous mass notification system was not user-friendly, had very limited capabilities. When looking at companies, we saw all the options that Regroup offered us from ways to send out notifications to how you could create customized locations and groups.

Rob Campbell

Communications Manager for Viejas Casino and Resort

Elevate Your Guest Experience with Regroup

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Why Regroup is the Best Choice for Your Organization

Regroup's Hospitality Mass Notifications system tailors communications to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations, meeting the unique needs of your business.

Multi-Channel Communication
Reach your guests via SMS, email, and voice with Regroup’s versatile Hospitality Mass Notifications, ensuring effective engagement across all preferred channels.

Real-Time Analytics
Utilize Regroup's real-time analytics to optimize guest services and operations, providing insights into preferences and communication impact.

Maximize communication efficiency with Regroup’s budget-friendly Hospitality Mass Notifications, offering premium features without financial strain.

Unlimited User Training
Equip your team with the skills needed for effective use of Regroup’s Hospitality Mass Notifications, enhancing guest communication and satisfaction.

Secure Data
Protect guest information with Regroup’s advanced security measures within the Hospitality Mass Notifications system, ensuring compliance and confidentiality.

24/7 Customer Support
Rely on Regroup’s 24/7 support to keep your Hospitality Mass Notifications system running smoothly, ensuring consistent guest safety and service excellence.