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Optimize Advanced Patient Care with Regroup

Revolutionize Your Healthcare Communication with Regroup's Healthcare Mass Notifications

The Best Solution for Healthcare Communication

Discover the core functionalities of our healthcare communication system, designed to enhance operational efficiency and ensure safety across your medical facility.

Rapid Emergency Response

Quickly activate emergency protocols to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

Staff Coordination Made Easy

Manage communication efficiently with unlimited groups and customizable templates, facilitating seamless team collaboration.

Automated Alerts

Automatically disseminate severe weather and emergency alerts through integration with systems like NWS, NOAA, and IPAWS.

Real-Time Updates

Enable two-way communication for staff to provide immediate feedback and updates, enhancing responsiveness and decision-making.

HIPAA Compliance

Maintain the highest standards of privacy and security in all communications, ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Crisis Management

Employ customizable workflows and protocols tailored to handle healthcare-specific crises effectively.

Enhancing Emergency Communications for Swift Action

Prior to using Regroup, we had to call individual employees and partners. This took several hours, which would not be acceptable in an emergency situation. With Regroup, we are able to communicate essential information or notify employees and partners of activations within minutes, all at the same time, allowing us to move on to address other important logistics or operational concerns in an emergency situation.

Katie Maxey

Regional Emergency Response Planner for the Health Department

Optimize Your Healthcare Communication with Regroup

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Why Regroup is the Best Choice for Your Organization

Regroup’s Healthcare Mass Notifications system is customized to boost patient interaction and enhance hospital operations, addressing the unique needs of your healthcare facility.

Direct Communication Channels
Facilitate critical communications and coordinate effectively with Regroup’s comprehensive healthcare mass notifications.

Strategic Patient Analytics
Leverage Regroup’s advanced analytics to fine-tune patient engagement and optimize healthcare operations with insightful data from our healthcare mass notifications.

Cost-Conscious Solutions
Implement Regroup’s cost-efficient healthcare mass notifications to enhance communication without exceeding your budget.

Specialized Staff Training
Provide your staff with expert training on Regroup’s healthcare mass notifications, improving communication skills for superior patient care.

Data Security
Uphold stringent data privacy with Regroup’s healthcare mass notifications, safeguarding sensitive information.

Continuous Support
Depend on Regroup’s dedicated 24/7 support team for uninterrupted healthcare mass notifications services, prioritizing patient care and staff coordination.