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Enhance Education Safety with Regroup

Transform Your Safety Protocols with Regroup's Comprehensive Notification System for Universities, Colleges, School Districts and K-12 Schools

The Best Solution for Education

Explore crucial features designed to improve your campus safety, offering comprehensive solutions that keep students, faculty, and staff well-informed and prepared in any emergency scenario.

Panic Alerts

Activate panic alerts with just one click through the Regroup Mobile App, immediately notifying security and initiating lockdowns in critical situations. This rapid response tool is essential for ensuring the safety of students and faculty during emergencies.

Multi-Channel Alerts

Instantly reach students, parents, and staff across multiple channels, ensuring no one misses critical information during emergencies.

Active Shooter Preparedness

Prepare and respond effectively to active shooter situations with predefined emergency protocols and real-time communication capabilities.

Anonymous Reporting

Empower students and staff to report safety concerns or suspicious activity confidentially through an anonymous reporting system, enhancing preventive measures.

Actionable Playbooks

Access tailored response strategies for various emergency scenarios, allowing for swift, organized actions based on best practice protocols.

Real-Time Updates

Provide timely updates with real-time monitoring of situations, allowing for quick adjustments and informed decision-making.

Automated Weather Alerts

Automatically send out weather-related alerts by integrating with systems like the National Weather Service to ensure timely advisories.

GeoFence Messaging

Target specific areas of your campus for precise, location-specific alerts during critical situations.

Enhancing Campus Safety with Seamless Communication

I do think Regroup makes us safer and better-prepared. Our previous mass system was an opt-in tool, which resulted in very low subscribership. Now, with all of the students in the same system, whether they’re walking outside or sitting in a classroom, we know they are going to receive our communications quickly.

Danny Aynes

Director of Enrollment Services

Effective Emergency Preparedness Across Campuses

We are able to target specific audiences and campuses to ensure that emergency preparedness is implemented on all levels. The feature is used throughout the year during severe weather events, including hurricanes and tornado warnings, and allows us to send these warnings to specific audiences at different locations. This is vitally important because our college is spread across four counties in South Mississippi.

Ashley Landry

Coordinator of Administration and Safety Management

Strengthen Your School & Campus Safety with Regroup

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Why Regroup is the Best Choice for Your Organization

Regroup Mass Notification System is designed for education emergency preparedness and operational excellence, ensuring your educational institutions meets unique safety and communication needs efficiently.

Ease of Use
Intuitive interfaces and straightforward controls allow for hassle-free operation, making it simple for administrators to send notifications and manage the system.

Campus Unrest Management
Effectively manage and communicate during campus unrest situations with real-time alerts and updates, ensuring the safety and security of all campus members.

Seamless Integration
Easy integration with the leading Learning Management Systems.

Direct Communication Channels
Ensure critical alerts reach the necessary parties without delay, enhancing campus safety and responsiveness.

Emergency Preparedness Training
Equip your institution with the tools and knowledge for effective emergency response through comprehensive training programs.

Cost-Efficient Solutions
Benefit from a system that enhances communication and safety without stretching your budget.

Specialized Admin Controls
Manage your system with ease, allowing for quick messages and updates from authorized personnel only.

Robust Data Analytics
Utilize advanced analytics to assess the effectiveness of your communications and continuously improve response strategies.

Data Security
Uphold stringent data privacy with Regroup’s education emergency notification system, safeguarding sensitive information.

Continuous Support
Rely on constant support from Regroup, providing peace of mind and ensuring your system is always ready.