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Achieve Corporate Resilience with Regroup

Transform Your Corporate Communication With The Best Mass Notification Solution.

The Smart Solution for Corporate Communication

Regroup is tailored to meet the dynamic needs of corporate environments, ensuring security, seamless communication,regulatory compliance, and comprehensive oversight.

Two-Way Messaging and Polling

Enhance communication within teams and between departments with responsive two-way messaging and polling capabilities. This feature is crucial for welfare checks and quick decision-making during emergencies.

Threat Intelligence

Stay ahead of potential disruptions with Regroup’s advanced threat intelligence, providing real-time insights and proactive alerts to safeguard your operations.


Easily adjust your communication capacity to match corporate growth, with customizable admin permissions and privacy settings.

Comprehensive Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with HR databases, SSO, and various corporate tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and visitor management software.

Global Messaging

Ensure your corporate messages reach every corner of your organization, regardless of geographical boundaries. This feature allows for unified communications across global offices, ensuring consistency and inclusiveness.


Enhance situational responsiveness with Geo-Fencing by sending targeted communications to specific locations. This capability is crucial during localized incidents or crises, ensuring only the relevant areas are alerted.

Audit Trails

Maintain security and compliance with detailed audit trails that record every communication. This feature provides transparent accountability, essential for audits and maintaining high standards of corporate governance.

Ease of Use

Experience an intuitive platform that simplifies operations with minimal training required. This feature significantly reduces onboarding time and minimizes the risk of user errors, streamlining communication processes.

Enhancing Project Communication With Regroup

Regroup helps us communicate more efficiently within our project teams and trade partners. We use the system to communicate various types of announcements, reminders, and alerts, which range from stair closures to building entrance changes, meeting, locations and times, and even severe weather alerts. It's a great tool to quickly distribute important information throughout the entire project team.

C.J. Reed

Manager of I.T Training Programs

Why Regroup Is The Best Solution For Your Corporation

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Why Regroup is The Best for Corporate Communication

Regroup's Corporate Mass Notification System is designed with a suite of tailored communication tools that promote efficiency and safety.

Real-Time Analytics
Harness the power of data to improve communication and make smarter decisions that keep your operations smooth and compliant.

Rapid Deployment of Alerts
Activate notifications swiftly across multiple channels to ensure all employees are informed and prepared, minimizing downtime and confusion.

Cost-Efficient Solutions
Implement a system that boosts communication without straining your budget.

Versatile Messaging Capabilities
Reach employees through SMS, email, voice, and app notifications, ensuring that critical information is delivered to everyone, regardless of their location or device preference.

Unlimited User Training and Support
Provide comprehensive training and continuous support to ensure your team effectively utilizes all features of the system, promoting adherence to compliance standards.

Secure Data Handling
Protect sensitive corporate information with advanced security measures, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Reliable Support
Depend on 24/7 support from Regroup’s dedicated team to assist with any issues and ensure your communication platform operates smoothly.