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Wilmington University, Delaware

Wilmington University is a private university with a main campus in historic New Castle as well as six additional Delaware campuses, and partnerships in New Jersey and Maryland. When it comes to one-off emergencies, such as a building closure, or ongoing concerns, including the COVID-19 pandemic response, the university found the communications system it wanted with Regroup Mass Notification.

Onboarding Success

Wilmington University has more than 20,000 students in addition to faculty and staff spread over several locations. It offers more than 100 certificate and degree programs.

Dissatisfied with a former mass notification system, the university wanted a platform with flexibility and superior customer support. The university had been working with Blackboard Mass Notification, but wanted more integrations, and an improved experience with customer support. Due to its previous contractual agreement with its legacy software, it needed to continue with that platform.

The team at Wilmington found Regroup most amenable to working to onboard the university without running afoul of its previous contract.

THE RESULT: A seamless transition without stress, added expense or downtime.

The training was simple, and easy to share with additional administrators. Admins can send SMS/text, emails or voice messages, from the urgent to the routine, to students, faculty and staff on any device, at any time.

“The key to our decision was the integration with all kinds of communications, whether it was for emergencies, or day-to-day notifications that reached their intended audiences,”

Kevin Barry
Senior Director of Web Communications

Responding to an Emergency, Keeping Operational Continuity

While everyone wants to be prepared in case there is a dangerous individual threatening others, or an extreme storm that can threaten many more, the fact of the matter is that most disruptions are common.

Gas leaks, power outages, water main breaks, seasonal weather patterns: These are all events that can upend operational continuity and put people at risk from harm. One example: A very large building at Wilmington University had to temporarily but immediately be shut down after an immense water main break.

The university was able to contact everyone with easy messaging that told people that the building was closed and give them further instructions. It’s not splashy, but saving people’s time and ensuring continuity of business, educational or healthcare operations are a major upside of having an easy-to-use communication platform.

An Ongoing Concern — COVID 19

Like many institutions, Wilmington University made the difficult decision to hold all of its Fall 2020 classes online only. To make this new normal happen requires ongoing care and impactful communication. Before Regroup, administrators used emails and voicemail to reach students, faculty and more. The university felt the system was not efficient and could also be disruptive, especially when students are spread across several different time zones. Wilmington students are all over the country, and even the world, so calling phones can be an unwelcome disruption to home life.

Keeping all stakeholders aware of distance learning is important, but so are newsletters and library announcements. Helping people stay truly connected and aware, however, requires a platform that won’t land with a thud.

Using a cloud-based platform that can deliver messages the way the recipients prefer — and in a way that administrators find simple and easy to use — is much more effective. Recipients are also able to set quiet hours for their non-emergency notifications so they won’t be disturbed during set hours in their own time zone. Regroup also helps its clients use its analytics to show data on messages and help them improve their use of it in the future.

“As far as the pandemic response, I literally just sent out 20,000 emails and there will be 5,000 more today. We can select who the admins are, to cut down on the chances of mistakes being made,”

Kevin Barry
Senior Director of Web Communications

Just in Case

The impetus that drove Wilmington University to choose a mass notification system, eventually selecting Regroup, was for emergencies. Dangerous individuals or treacherous weather conditions are hard to predict. Worse: They are nearly impossible to respond to on a massive scale — contacting tens of thousands of people at once — unless organizations and institutions prepare in advance.

Since signing on with Regroup fewer than 10 years ago, Wilmington University has thankfully not needed to use the platform for a dangerous situation. Still, having the system in place gives administrators peace of mind.

“I have to say that we’ve been lucky that we’ve haven’t had any true safety emergencies, so that’s good. We’ve had a couple of timely warnings of potential danger, but the danger didn’t arrive as expected,”

Kevin Barry
Senior Director of Web Communications

How Regroup Supports Universities, Colleges and Educational Institutions


Emergency Notification Solutions for Higher Education

Enhance crisis communications and mitigate the risks of active shooters, severe weather, and other critical events that endanger your community. With Regroup, you can send alerts to tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff in seconds.

Automate Critical Notifications

Send rapid, two-tap alerts from Regroup’s mobile app to cell phones, landlines, campus security, 911, email, social media, and more.

TipSafe Anonymous Reporting

Empower students and faculty to safely report suspicious behaviour, potential threats, and other safety concerns from their smartphone.

Reach Your Entire Campus

Integrate Regroup with panic buttons, desktop alerts, help point towers, fire and PA systems, digital signage, outdoor sirens, and more.

Alert Specific Locations

Our GeoFence technology allows you to alert a specific location, and even notify people outside of the area to stay away.

Easy Opt-In, Free Mobile Apps

Regroup’s free mobile apps make it easy for students and faculty to opt-in for notifications and configure their delivery preferences.

Critical Two-Way Communications

Witnesses and first responders can send important information and updates from the scene to improve response time to the emergency.

Regroup for Day-to-Day Campus Notifications

Regroup allows your various departments to create unlimited groups and admins in order to communicate daily information better than ever before. Our seamless integrations and easy-to-use platform make Regroup a tool that you’ll use every day.

Weather Closures & Delays

Automatically provide advance warning of severe weather closures or delays with National Weather Service and NOAA notifications.

Critical Two-Way Communications

Quickly and easily notify students about tuition balances, registration updates, and more while keeping faculty informed too.

Critical Two-Way Communications

Send reminders of social, academic, and athletic events to relevant groups to increase community engagement.

Our platform was built to be robust and reliable, for every device and application. Combine that with our training and 24-hour client support and it's easy to see why Regroup is the most trusted name in mass notification solutions.