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Price Gregory International, Houston, Texas

Client Success Story

Price Gregory International, Inc., a leading providers of pipeline construction and services, partnered with Regroup Mass Notification to improve incident notification between multiple field offices and temporary job sites, and for operations leadership at headquarters.

Regroup offered Price Gregory a dependable, user-friendly solution that would reduce response times and deliver critical information to all mobile devices, for improved communication and collaboration between its geo-dispersed teams.

Partnering with Regroup provided Price Gregory with comprehensive features and tools for faster, more effective communications, without driving up costs.

Regroup delivered:

  • Improved message consistency and accuracy
  • Easy for non-technical users to send messages
  • Much faster to relay incident notifications
  • Messages can be received through multiple devices and channels
  • Unlimited training and 24/7 client support


Prior to partnering with Regroup, Price Gregory used a phone tree system and was reliant on email for communicating with personnel in the field.

Additionally, the notification process was cumbersome and it took too long for administrators to message operations and crews.

The Regroup Solution

Regroup’s cloud-based solution, multimodal communications platform immediately improved Price Gregory’s notification process by enabling them to create messaging groups for each jobsite. This allows admins to easily send site-specific notifications to multiple crews via mobile devices.

Regroup also provided Price Gregory with comprehensive analytics to document incident notifications and two-way messaging capabilities. Gaining the ability to communicate and collaborate in real time improved response times and led to faster resolutions.

Price Gregory was able to streamline their incident notification process and dramatically improve communication between multiple sites and headquarters, and provide teams with numerous ways to receive company communications.

“We like how easy it is for non-technical users to send messages through Regroup and we’re very pleased with their reporting features.”

Rick Gooley
Director of Safety and Compliance at Price Gregory