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Village of Point Venture, Point Venture, Texas

The Village of Point Venture is a unique community, not far from Corpus Christi, Texas, that is situated on its own peninsula and features an active community lifestyle with golf, boating, fishing and more. When this small and somewhat isolated community needed a simple way to keep their residents informed of weather concerns and upcoming events, they turned to Regroup Mass Notification.

Unifying Communications for Local Governments

Originally intended as a planned messaging platform to notify Village residents of utility updates, council meetings and other routine business, the local government of the Village soon found Regroup to be useful for a host of communications.

The Village’s Mayor uses Regroup to help drive residents to the website for community updates, council meeting announcements, weekly open forum invitations and more.

Proven Invaluable Solution During a Crisis

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic became a concern for local governments worldwide. Taking a proactive approach, the Village of Point Venture harnessed the Regroup platform to broadcast COVID-19 advisories from state authorities and send weekly notifications of virtual meetings to address concerns and next steps.

“Regroup has been and continues to be the Village’s systematic source to enhance our communication with our residents and administration. Without Regroup, the year that was 2020 would have been even more uncertain and less transparent in our communication efforts.”

Eric Love
Mayor of Point Venture

Easy, Reliable and Powerful Solution

The Village’s Mayor and Administration team both enjoy that Regroup’s solution allows them to reach and keep a constant open dialogue with the Village’s ~1,000 permanent and temporary residents. And, the interaction has been welcomed by community members.

Regroup’s top features have helped keep this small but engaged community informed, safe and connected.

  • Recipients get the alerts even when cell-towers are down or inoperative.
  • Anyone can use our user-friendly interface to create and send notifications.
  • System admins can send up to 20,000 voice calls, 65,000 SMS, 100,000 emails and 540,000 push notifications -per minute.
  • Clients get a seamless setup process, training and 24/7 client support services.
  • Useful integrations, product add-ons, mobile apps and more.

“Through greater utilization of Regroup Mass Notification, we were able to provide up-to-date accurate information about the ever changing orders coming from local and state authorities related to Covid-19. The Village was able to provide weekly notification to its residents to attend virtual meetings with the Mayor, to discuss the topics and concerns that were pressing and urgent. We are extremely pleased with Regroup and look to magnify our utilization in the future!”

Eric Love
Mayor of Point Venture

Regroup is the ideal choice for local governments that care about their community and strive to keep residents safe and informed. Our easy-to-use interface and mobile app allow you to send critical alerts, day-to-day notififications and special announcements to specific people, geo-targeted groups, selected businesses or your entire community — all with just a few clicks.

Regroup is the Top Choice of a Wide Range of Organizations

  • Police & Fire Departments
  • Public Transportation
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Neighborhood Programs
  • Public Services
  • Local Governments

Automatic Critical Alerts

Regroup offers automated alerts from the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), NOAA, National Weather Service (NWS) and more.

Reach Your Entire Network

Send messages to email, text/SMS, voice calls, websites, social media accounts, desktop alerts and even landlines. Regroup delivers when other channels fail.

Alert Specific Locations and Facilities

Regroup’s GeoFence technology allows you to target a specific location and notify people when entering or leaving the area.

Free Mobile App

Regroup’s free Mobile App makes it easy for your entire team to opt-in for notifications and to receive them wherever they go.

Regroup was developed to be robust and reliable — for every device and application. Coupled with our comprehensive training and 24-hour client support, it’s easy to see why Regroup is the most trusted name in mass notification.

Regroup Mass Notification is an award-winning provider of mass communication solutions and is committed to providing communities with effective, easy-to-use tools for critical and routine communications.