Jackson County Health Department, Missouri

Jackson County in western Missouri is the second most-populous county in the state comprising both Independence and Kansas City. The Jackson County Health Department is managed and operated by the Truman Medical Center. This unique public-private relationship between the government agency and the hospital means the health department can contribute to the mass notification platform in use by the hospital, and uses Regroup for both emergency and day-to-day
communications. The system is used to communicate with health department stakeholders, and also serves as a liaison between the department and hospital center staff.

A Complex System Serving Many Needs

The Jackson County Health Department serves the needs of its community, with health initiatives such as reducing tobacco use among youth, providing immunizations and taking restaurant health complaints.

There are a myriad of ways the department can, and does, use Regroup Mass Notification. One of the most important and life-saving would be to communicate with the public, health care providers, staff and facilities in case of a public health emergency. It uses the system to conduct emergency drills, advise employees at all levels about schedule changes, and send out messages regarding extreme weather events or emergencies. The department reports that it is much more efficient and effective to use a mass notification platform than it was to use emails, its previous method of communication.

“We were able to contribute financially to the Regroup system that the hospital already used. This not only allows us to use the system to communicate to the health department employees, partners, and stakeholders, but also have access to contacts throughout the hospital for use in the event of an emergency situation.”

“The system was chosen because it allows us to push mass notifications and allows receivers to respond when necessary. The fact that the system allows the notification sender to change the number that notification is coming from is also one of the reasons why this system is perfect for us.”

Katie Maxey
Regional Emergency Response Planner for the Health Department.

Quarterly Drills

One of the more intriguing ways the health department uses Regroup is to conduct quarterly drills with its point of dispensing sites (PODs). A POD site is a place where vaccines, antibiotics and other medications can be dispersed to a very large number of people during a public health emergency or disease outbreak.

The two-way communication capabilities of the Regroup platform means that the PODs can receive prompt information from the recipients, exposing both the reach and potential gaps in the communication delivery. In the case of a genuine public health emergency or outbreak, these drills will prove the system and save lives. In addition, the activity helps the health department meet its grant requirements.

“The word community here, for us, refers to our employees and our emergency management partners. Therefore, this system allows us to share information quickly and ensure that information is received.”

“Prior to using Regroup, we had to call individual employees and partners. This took several hours, which would not be acceptable in an emergency situation. With Regroup, we are able to communicate essential information or notify employees and partners of activations within minutes, all at the same time, allowing us to move on to address other important logistics or operational concerns in an emergency situation.”

Katie Maxey
Regional Emergency Response Planner for the Health Department.

Regroup — Experience That Works

With clients in both the government sector and the healthcare industry, Regroup is particularly well-positioned to serve the Jackson County Health Department. The department reports that the system is easy to use and praised Regroup’s customer support. Some features include:

Flexible Messaging, Unlimited Admins

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Mobile Apps

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Conference Bridging

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Emergency Alerts Made Easy

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24/7 Client Support Team

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